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  • Surfnewbie
    started a topic Transmission fluid overheating

    Transmission fluid overheating

    Hey guys! I'm new to the surf life and urgently need some advice.

    I own a 1991 2.4L turbo diesel automatic surf, pretty low ks for its age at 130,000k
    I've recently got the transmission reconditioned as the A/T OIL TEMP light kept coming on. Since then I've driven around 3000k and...
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  • jackson.mcbreen
    started a topic overheating (sometimes)

    overheating (sometimes)

    Hey, I'm new and just wondering if anyone could help sort my surf out.
    I have a 1996 kzn 185 1kz te and having problems with it overheating. It runs fine in the city and on the open road and never overheats and then when i take it up a gravel hill on a hot day it heats up and i get the auto trans...
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  • JAMES 1111
    started a topic KZN130 Manual Gearbox change

    KZN130 Manual Gearbox change

    Evening all .
    I have the well documented 3.0 manual box jumping out of first problem .
    It is not the bushes .
    Also the clutch will need replacing soon and I am going to do both at the same time.
    So the questions to those in the know are ;
    1* Is it possible to get a...
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  • VX280
    started a topic R151 Gearbox

    R151 Gearbox

    Hi All

    Am looking for a good, working R151 gearbox for a conversion I'm doing. Anybody got one or know of one for sale?

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  • bblue
    started a topic transfer box

    transfer box

    Hi everyone,
    Complete newbie to this forum so hello to you all!
    I have been given details of this forum by roughtrax to help me out. I think I am looking for a transfer box for my Surf KZN185 auto TD 1997. I say "think" as no garage has been able to tell me what is wrong with...
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  • Surfs:up
    started a topic Extended Breathers Write Up

    Extended Breathers Write Up

    I know there are plenty of write ups for fitting extended breathers but everyone does it slightly differently so I thought Id offer another choice. I purchased the following off ebay:

    1. 30m 6mm OD Nylon hose
    2. 2 x 1/8 BSP 6mm push fit straight unions (Diffs)
    3. 1 x...
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  • Toyot hilux surf generation 3 KZN185 Gearbox, torque convertor and drive plate needed


    My beloved surf has died by my older brother hands

    Its a generation 3, Toyot hilux surf KZN185, 3.0 turbo diesel with intercooler

    I need the Gearbox, torque convertor and drive plate (mounted between the fly wheel and torque convertor)

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    Last edited by GarethGriffiths; 16 July 2012, 09:03.

  • Fey!
    started a topic More gearbox stuff.

    More gearbox stuff.

    I put a thread up here a couple of months ago regarding an issue with my gearbox in my 3rd gen. I got some great tips, as well as a how-to guide for changing the fluid and cleaning the filter.

    Unfortunately that didn't work.

    I'll remind you here that I amn't in the least...
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  • 800Days
    started a topic Transfer, gearbox and fuel tank breathers

    Transfer, gearbox and fuel tank breathers

    I'm aware there are plenty of posts about diff breathers on here, I think I've read them all. Anyway, I've done the axles, they were simple enough. I want to do the transfer case, gearbox and fuel tank (can someone confirm the fuel tank has one?)

    I had a mooch around today and found the...
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  • HELP ME! Where is this noise coming from?

    Hi guys

    im new to this site and am new to owning a hilux, i have a 2nd gen 3.0 and its an alright runner nothing wrong apart from the saggy rear end but its fixable.
    The thing that is really getting on my nerves is a violent rattle coming from inside the car around the gearbox...
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  • mountain_man
    started a topic torque convertor

    torque convertor

    Hello again and still not fixed my surf. Back working on it and taking the gearbox back off cause it dropped all the atf between convertor and engine. Hopefully its just the oil seal that needs changing but would like to know if anyone has one for sale just incase i need a replacement.

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  • JohnnyD
    started a topic Hello



    I just signed up to this forum cos I have a suspected cracked head. I've viewed things on here lots of times before which has helped me out in the past.

    My surf is a H reg (1991?) SSR-Ltd 2.4L TD. It is in pretty good shape apart from the recent cooling problems....
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  • mountain_man
    started a topic Torque Convertor

    Torque Convertor

    Hello again and more problems yet again. As you remember from my former posts i've re-done the cylinder head with new gasket as it had a botch job done with success, cured the pressurisng. Swapped the gear-box over because the original dumped its fluid. I now realise that the original box was fine as...
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