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    I just signed up to this forum cos I have a suspected cracked head. I've viewed things on here lots of times before which has helped me out in the past.

    My surf is a H reg (1991?) SSR-Ltd 2.4L TD. It is in pretty good shape apart from the recent cooling problems.

    I've done loads of searching about this issue but I still need to ask a few questions so hopefully some people on here might be able to help. The main question was - I was wondering if I can just drop a 3.0L TD engine in there but keep my existing gearbox? Is that right that they only made 3.0L surfs with auto-boxes? I like my manual box and can't be fussed with the hassle of changing the pedals around etc..

    I just need to get it running as quickly as possible so I either chuck a new engine in (preferrably the 3.0L) or fix this head problem.

    Many thanks,