Updates to the forum

Below is a list of updates, upgrades and improvements done to the forum. There are a whole TON of improvements, upgrades and bug fixes we are working on behind the scenes so watch this space!

1st December 2017

  • Database improvements to improve speed

30th October 2017

  • Fixed PayPal or GoCardless (the direct debit system) not going anywhere other than a 404 page once people had paid for premium membership

23rd October 2017

  • More work on getting the search working properly. Hopefully it should all be working properly now! Let me know if it doesn't!

19th October 2017

  • Re-building of search indexes to get search working properly (this may take several hours to run)
  • Improved security

18th October 2017

  • Installed Google Recaptcha to prevent spammers trying to sign up
  • Installed StopForumSpam to prevent spammy forum posts
  • Improved email configuration
  • Improved forgotten password and contact us pages
  • Facebook integration - click here for info
  • New 2017 paid member stickers ordered ! :)
  • Set up an updates page (the page you're looking at) to log updates
  • Search engine optimisation improvements

17th October 2017

  • Made it so that the site was https
  • Enabled paid subscriptions so you can subscribe online
  • Made it so that images and attachments could be up to 8 mb each (previously 2mb) and attachments up to 15mb each so it’s much easier to add images, PDF files, etc
  • Made it easier for people to register and post topics / reply
  • Sorted out new theme & logo

16th October 2017

  • Made it so you can login with your username or your email address
  • Moved over to new server