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KZN130 Manual Gearbox change

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  • KZN130 Manual Gearbox change

    Evening all .
    I have the well documented 3.0 manual box jumping out of first problem .
    It is not the bushes .
    Also the clutch will need replacing soon and I am going to do both at the same time.
    So the questions to those in the know are ;
    1* Is it possible to get a refurb kit for the box .
    2* Where can I get a good recon box .
    3*Which clutch do I buy dual mass or solid ,after market or toyota .
    I could chance a 2nd hand box but do not want the same problem again.
    I am in North Lincs .
    Cheers James.

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    I'm on same boat need to change clutch on my kzn130, and im thinking Which clutch do I buy dual mass or solid
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