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  • Surfnewbie
    started a topic Transmission fluid overheating

    Transmission fluid overheating

    Hey guys! I'm new to the surf life and urgently need some advice.

    I own a 1991 2.4L turbo diesel automatic surf, pretty low ks for its age at 130,000k
    I've recently got the transmission reconditioned as the A/T OIL TEMP light kept coming on. Since then I've driven around 3000k and...
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  • DanMaytee
    started a topic Service schedule. Oils?

    Service schedule. Oils?

    I've searched but not found what I'm looking for (apart from dead links )

    I have a KZN130 and it's due a full service. What fluids need changing and when? I understand the engine oil needs doing every year or around 4000-5000 miles. I believe the auto box needs the fluid changing...
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  • 1994 3.0L hi lux surf TD engine oil change bung plug

    Please can you tell me on this model is it the plug at the front or in the mid of the truck for the engine oil drain?
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  • Pete The Tart
    started a topic Air/Oil seperator fabrication

    Air/Oil seperator fabrication

    So, a wee while ago I promised to write up the fabrication of a cheap as chips air/oil seperator to reduce the amount of oil laden smoke going to the turbo inlet and thus reducing your emmissions and stopping that side of the turbo getting all bunged up with black sludge...7 yrs later here it is!...
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  • Diesel Turbo
    started a topic oil from filter drain

    oil from filter drain

    I dont seem to be able to find why the oil is coming from the filter drain pipe on my 3.0. 93L The underside has a lot of oil coming from the drain but never seems to drip so it must be whilst driving. the engine is sweet as a nut and it I had the head pressure tested and each valve is normal, why...
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  • spikeychops
    started a topic Hi All.

    Hi All.

    Just a quick hello to all the very helpful members on this board.

    Had my KZN185 Surf for a few months now, and i have to say i love it to bits.

    Best car i've had in a long while. Had a Honda 2.0 CRV that was good, but the Surf is better.

    I'm right in the...
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  • mountain_man
    started a topic Torque Convertor

    Torque Convertor

    Hello again and more problems yet again. As you remember from my former posts i've re-done the cylinder head with new gasket as it had a botch job done with success, cured the pressurisng. Swapped the gear-box over because the original dumped its fluid. I now realise that the original box was fine as...
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  • MattR
    started a topic Power steering pump oil change

    Power steering pump oil change

    Having just spent about a grand on my old truck changing the head and radiator along with new exhaust, new back window motor and regulator, I thought I might as well go through the whole thing and get it all up to scratch. I was going to get rid earlier this year, but now I've done the main things that...
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