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    yep that were me, got a video too

    will take a pic of the handbrake for ya paul


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      Well it sounded class Bring it over

      Did I once sell you something to do with the Surf and we met in the Service station on the A1? You look familiar.


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        Just saw the other vid

        You lot are mad


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          haha yeah that was me too, you sold me balljoint spacers

          yeah that other vid was from the summer, messing about with the lexus


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            Not to far from me, I'd love to see it at some point


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              been sorting out some stuff recently and well its ready to rock n roll

              tested the gearbox and 4wd all engages properly and its sweet
              its all back in one piece

              still needs a back half of a exhaust but it sounds so good just from the downpipe


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                  It lives! Kinda.

                  I heard you drive past and it sounded awesome. Went outside to wait for your return. Obviously something was up as you didn't come back until ages later, under tow

                  Hope it's just a minor teething issue?

                  Need to hear it again. ####ing lovely


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                    haha yeah I got to the end of the westline road and it stalled and then it wouldnt start again, think its the starter motor sticking as its just clicking and not cranking

                    however the windows are really slow and the tailgate motor is just clicking as well even with the jump leads on, i thought the subaru battery might not be up to the job of jumping it but tried with my brothers audi diesel v6 battery and still got nothing


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                      starter motor is bugging me, spent ages getting it out and then bench tested it... working perfectly, moves in and out and quick spinning, copper contacts have loads of life on them

                      put it back in the motor and tried cranking it, just clicking

                      ran a ignition live through a switch directly to the starter crank wire terminal, bypassing the starter relay and it cranked over, so thought it was sorted

                      put it all back together and then tried to sort it and its just clicking again

                      in other news Ive added a led light bar

                      its wired up to a manual switch currently but would like it to come on with the main beam, would I just splice into the main beam wiring? or would that not be powerfull enough


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                        You could splice a standard relay to be opened by the MB power and then install your own power for the light bar? Not sure if the MB cable would be rated enough to power both. Probably. But a simple relay would be my way.

                        As for your starter issue...not sure. I'll ask the lads. Shame the starter is in the most annoying place possible.


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                          heres a new video of a little drive


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                            Looks like you got to the bottom of the starter motor crap, too? What was it?


                            • #89
                              well... nothing, just jump started it and it worked???

                              I think its more of a intermittent fault, probably wont start tomorrow now. Its got a bit lumpy idle and still stalling so gonna try cleaning out the iacv


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                                That sounded amazing going up and down the straight So good. Looks like it's got more poke than the last time. Have you got your exhaust done or is it just that straight-through you were going to put on? Definite speed improvement.