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  • uktosa
    started a topic tailgate motor

    tailgate motor

    Hi all

    I'm after a new or refurbed tailgate window motor, the teeth on mine are gone, the motor is pretty much shot as well. Im bored after 2 years of not being able to get into the back of my wagon! I spoke to a guy on here that was going to sell me one around 6 months ago but he fell...
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  • ManT_69
    started a topic New to forum

    New to forum

    Hi all
    Recently registered as new user following the purchase of my Gen 2 SSRX 3.0 Limited in Black and silver. A 95 plate. Based in north Notts just off junction 27 of M1. First job was to replace a worn mechanism in the rear window, a job I completed at weekend. It's about an hours work....
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  • kurtoppermann
    started a topic Drivers Door Window Problem

    Drivers Door Window Problem


    Ive got a malfunctioning on my window, it will go up and down no problem, however when u engage the auto toggle switch and send the window down it goes all the way but the motor continues turning , also making a dreadful sound. Im thinking that there is possibly a contacts...
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  • Waterbaby
    started a topic Tailgate window motor

    Tailgate window motor

    Hi Guys,

    Anyone got a tailgate window motor for sale, to fit 1994 KNZ130, ours finally gave up the ghost
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  • kurtoppermann
    started a topic Tailgate window Nightmare!!

    Tailgate window Nightmare!!

    Many thanks to all for advice so far, its all being put to good use and im gradually getting through all the little surprises my new surf is throwing at me, im really getting to know her.
    Ive been putting this job off for a while as it looks like a right sod of a job to fix,...
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  • Rear tailgate window: Which way round does the motor go?


    I've obtained a spare rear window mechanism and motor from my "spare" truck for breaking (see other thread) and put it in my Surf. Both of the trucks are KZN130s, but the motor was pointing in different directions. As "clockwise rotation" is clockwise whichever...
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  • BillaBob
    started a topic Rear window switch!Please!

    Rear window switch!Please!

    Hi Everybody,Can anybody please help me with a rear window switch?I did buy two of ebay and they are both duff!I shouldnt have bought them they had obviously had good use as all the legends had worn out,so if anybody has a real good one with bright clear legends,i have the cash waiting.....Thanks
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  • bradders
    started a topic Help new user!

    Help new user!

    My Dad has given me his old 2.4 Surf as a run-around - nice BUT at the back end not much works!

    1) Rear windscreen wiper & wash

    2) Rear window will not go up or down

    3) Because of (2) cannot open rear tailgate

    Can anyone help? 1 out of...
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