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  • Gen 2 3.0 TD Auto Surf Breaking / Spares Engine/Gearbox

    Last Summer My Surf Failed its MOT, what made simple matters worse is the rear brake pipe busted whilst being tested! I was very very busy at the time with work so sourced another vehicle - after much deliberation I'm now parting this vehicle out.
    Engine & Gearbox perfect with no issues,...
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  • 04hardwickj
    started a topic Engine ECU wanted!

    Engine ECU wanted!

    Hi there, I am in need of an engine ecu for my 1990 Surf as mine seems to have kicked the bucket after a colleague put the jump pack on the wrong terminals! Safe to say he will be reimbursing me for this purchase! So I now have a Surf that will turn over but not fire, no glow, no fuel and intake flap...
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  • 800Days
    started a topic Wanted Gen2 Auto ECU

    Wanted Gen2 Auto ECU

    1KZTE 3.0L Auto ECU wanted. Message me. Ta.
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  • KZN130 No Glow Plug Light, No start

    Hi, I've found two older posts about this, but the links in one of the posts don't work and just want to check the solution before splashing out.

    Car worked fine then suddenly wouldn't start.
    No glow plug light on ignition - car turns over fine but doesn't start....
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  • jengapal
    started a topic new here. struggling to find an ECU

    new here. struggling to find an ECU

    I'm desperately trying to get my surf chugging away again. I'm looking for an ECU... 89661-3d100. I hear it's never been spotted in the wild.

    Anyways. I've come for help. If there is anyone on here looking to sell theirs or can point me to a sure source it would be greatly appreciated....
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  • Lormarz
    started a topic Need Hilux Surf ECU

    Need Hilux Surf ECU

    After some problems starting my 3.0 Diesel Surf. I brought it to my mechanic and he said that the ECU is busted.
    I have tried searching on eBay for one, but with no match.
    Does anyone know where I could get one of these?
    This is what is written on the sticker on the part:
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  • Roo666
    started a topic Wanted - Engine ECU 3.0td Auto Surf

    Wanted - Engine ECU 3.0td Auto Surf

    Hi all, I'm new here!
    I recently bought a '94 3.0td Surf and now realise that my overdrive isn't working (!!) and have read it's probably my engine ECU which needs replacing.
    Part number: 89661-3D100

    Please let me know if you have one for sale so I don't have to drive everywhere...
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  • SunbeamsandRainbows
    started a topic Help


    Our well loved Hilux surf needs a new ECU - and I wondered how/where I go about getting hold of one - I have seen that other members have managed to get them - can anyone advise??
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  • panzi
    started a topic ECU Issues

    ECU Issues

    Im looking for an ECU for what I think is a 2L-TE engine but on the (unreliable Tanzanian) log book is listed as 2,779cc, i.e. 3L.

    The ECU that came out of there was incorrect (A/T ECU in an M/T) car so I'm not sure how reliable it is in identifying the car as having a 2L-TE engine....
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  • MadKiwi
    started a topic KZN130 Turning over but not firing

    KZN130 Turning over but not firing

    Disaster. Just finished a great holiday romping around the Scottish highlands in the truck when it suddenly decided not to start when I tried to head home. Had just pulled over and switched off to go check the bikes strapped to the tailgate. When got back in, it turned over just fine on the key but...
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  • 800Days
    started a topic General ECU question

    General ECU question

    From what I gather on here....the main ECU is the same in 2.4's and 3.0's, can someone confirm that?

    I'm thinking of taking one on our trip as a precautionary measure and have access to a 2.4 I can strip.

    Is the 4x4 ECU the same on both models too?

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  • 800Days
    started a topic Immobiliser removal

    Immobiliser removal

    My 94 SSRX has an immobiliser that ideally I'd like to remove. I popped into my local auto-elec specialists to see if it was possible, they were far from helpful. I suspect they think I'd nicked the car as it was still on English plates and I'm in Guernsey (and I was wearing my hood up ). Anyway,...
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  • fazLN130
    started a topic Engine ECU for KZTE - Prado KZJ78

    Engine ECU for KZTE - Prado KZJ78

    Hello surfers,

    I am searching for an engine ECU for a 3.0 Prado auto (1994) KZJ78,

    The part number is 89661 60250.

    Do the KZN130 Surfs have the same ECU?

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