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  • ECU Issues

    Im looking for an ECU for what I think is a 2L-TE engine but on the (unreliable Tanzanian) log book is listed as 2,779cc, i.e. 3L.

    The ECU that came out of there was incorrect (A/T ECU in an M/T) car so I'm not sure how reliable it is in identifying the car as having a 2L-TE engine.

    The car is an LN135.

    Is there any way to tell?

    Which ECU do I need/is the 2L-TE ECU compatible with both engines?

    Only pic I could find of the engine:

    Thanks guys for your help. Once we get this ####### running we'll share some incredible stories.

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    3L motors in Surfs wern't Turbo'ed, Also I don't think they have electronic fuel pumps.

    Do you have rear coils or leaf springs, 2.4 LN120's will be coils, 2.8 LN135's are Leafs.

    The motor in your pic is definatly the top of a 2L/TE, but you can fit all the turbo gubbins from one to a 3L, so dosn't really help.

    Look at your fuel pump, if the throttle cable only goes as far as the intake manifold its a 2L/TE, if it's linked to the Fuel pump then you have a modified 3L (or a 2L/T)

    A 2L/T will say "D-TURBO" on the metal intake pipe, a 2L/TE will say "EFI DIESEL".

    No ECU will be properly interchangable with any other, or the wiring loom, so you really need find out what motor you have, and if its been retrofitted to the truck or stock.

    If someone has fitted a 2L/TE and its ECU from an Automatic Surf to your manual 3L truck you may be in a whole heap of s**t to get it working properly.
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      Looks to have too many of the original parts to be a 3L turbo conversion. Hose clamps etc all look factory. You need to take a look at top front of block where the thermostat housing is for the engine number. Will start with a 3 for a 3L and a 2 for a 2L.

      Also post the part nuber for the ECU that is in it.



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        Thanks for the replies. The suspension is coils up front, leafs at the back. The engine has been changed at some point, so that might not be useful information.

        THe ECU in there is 89661-35701 it also says 2L-TE A/T on it. From what you've said it sounds like a 2-TE engine. The ECU died because (according to the mechanic) there was a short circuit in the system linked to the injector pump.

        We got around it by buying a used mechanical fuel injector pump (we were in the middle of nowhere - that's egg going into the cooling system in the pic) and limping home.

        Could the problem simply be because of the wrong ECU not being able to deal with being in the wrong car or could there be a bigger problem? I'm in the UK at the moment looking for cheap spares so would like to cover all possibilities...

        If we get the right ECU to match should it be difficult to get it working properly?

        Thanks for the help!
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          Another ECU will not help now because you have a mechanical pump. If you find that it is a 2L-TE engine and all the wiring is ok then I think the best option is to find another pump from a 2L-TE and a manual ECU.

          Considering the Surfs are fairly cheap over there it may also consider getting something that has not had dodgy work done like this one. Without knowing exactly what has been done or not, makes it very difficult to advise what to do.



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            We still have the electric pump. Basically I just want to get it running well again and sell it.