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  • jackson.mcbreen
    started a topic overheating (sometimes)

    overheating (sometimes)

    Hey, I'm new and just wondering if anyone could help sort my surf out.
    I have a 1996 kzn 185 1kz te and having problems with it overheating. It runs fine in the city and on the open road and never overheats and then when i take it up a gravel hill on a hot day it heats up and i get the auto trans...
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  • D4RKN1GHT64
    started a topic Ln107 died while driving

    Ln107 died while driving

    Hey guy so as the title say my hilux( 2.8 diesel manual ) died while I was driving home I had just fulled the tank and was heading home turn onto my street got to third gear and heard a feint pop noise hit the gas and nothing happened rpms didn't even go up then when I tapped the brakes the engine stalled...
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  • 04hardwickj
    started a topic Engine ECU wanted!

    Engine ECU wanted!

    Hi there, I am in need of an engine ecu for my 1990 Surf as mine seems to have kicked the bucket after a colleague put the jump pack on the wrong terminals! Safe to say he will be reimbursing me for this purchase! So I now have a Surf that will turn over but not fire, no glow, no fuel and intake flap...
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  • Mike Ellery
    started a topic Engine transplant question.

    Engine transplant question.

    Hi there,
    My mate has a 2 litre petrol Hilux surf 1990 SSR.
    He is looking to change the engine for a diesel. Possibly a 3 litre landcruiser engine. Would the existing gearbox fit to it and as you guys are more knowledgeable than us please can you give us any recommendations?
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  • J20
    started a topic Engine wanted

    Engine wanted

    Hi All,

    I'm a long time lurker here and have garnered many useful tidbits from this forum since I found it first.

    Due to my own incompetence I now find myself needing a replacement engine for my much loved 2LTE LN130. What did I do? Well, let's just say that I will never...
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  • Fey!
    started a topic Gooey coolant

    Gooey coolant

    I opened the bonnet of the 3rd gen the other morning to check coolant levels, and found in the overflow bottle what appeared to be brown, oily muck. Opened the cap on the rad to find the same thing.

    In a panic I checked the indise of the oil cap and the dipstick, but thankfully all I...
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  • JohnnyD
    started a topic Hello



    I just signed up to this forum cos I have a suspected cracked head. I've viewed things on here lots of times before which has helped me out in the past.

    My surf is a H reg (1991?) SSR-Ltd 2.4L TD. It is in pretty good shape apart from the recent cooling problems....
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  • Hi Everyone!New Owner! 3.0TD Auto/Manual question?

    Hello Everybody,Im a new owner well 4 months!and got kindly guided to this forum by a ebay member I purchased an item of.A friend of mine had one of these and It allways stuck in my mind what a great vehicle it was!I took four months to look for mine,and on the whole im very happy with it.Now heres...
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  • bilkoftroop
    started a topic 4+runner engine

    4+runner engine

    hi . anyone out there got a 4 runner 3 litre engine for sale, mines broke. needs to be mechanical fuel punp, its goin on to manual box, dont know if the cranks are same as surf auto,i.e. machined for spigot bearing
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