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  • chris66
    started a topic Wanted - Gen 3 Surf

    Wanted - Gen 3 Surf

    I'm looking for a Gen 3 Surf, needs to be diesel so a KZN185, it can be standard or modified but please not too extreme!
    My only real requirement is that it needs to be Maroon or red, preferably a solid colour but it can also be over silver, and with a rear hanging spare!
    Budget is around...
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  • chrisk1982
    started a topic Hilux surf wanted

    Hilux surf wanted

    Hi all, just joined this forum although have found lots of useful info over the years.

    Im looking for a 3.0 surf, second gen. As long as it runs with no probs and has at least 4 months MOT then im happy. Have around 1100 ish to play with.

    Would prefer Hampshire/Dorset...
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  • besty
    started a topic 2nd Gen Small parts needed

    2nd Gen Small parts needed

    Hi there chaps,

    A few small parts are needed to help improve the look of my 2nd gen 95' surf.

    Spare wheel holder hinge plastics, just the caps that cover the screws preferably.

    A rear spoiler cap that covers the screws located on the top in (Black preferred...
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  • Rikwalter
    started a topic Wanted......Any ideas??

    Wanted......Any ideas??

    Hi to All,

    Recently bought a 2nd Gen 3 Ltr SSR-x, and am currently looking for a few parts...

    Load Cover and brackets, and the spot light bar that connects to the A frame.

    Chirpy cheap please as Xmas has rooked me. lol
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  • 800Days
    started a topic Rear Axle KZN130 (3L 2nd Gen)

    Rear Axle KZN130 (3L 2nd Gen)

    We need a rear axle for a KZN130 2nd Gen 3.0L surf. The axle code is G294 which I think translates to a differential size of 8.0", final ratio of 4.1, and a 4 pinion set up. This ratio number is found on the VIN plate in the engine bay and should match ours (G294).

    If a fella called...
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  • HKP
    started a topic Generation 3 16in wheels wanted

    Generation 3 16in wheels wanted

    Hi Everyone,
    I am new to the Surf and to this Forum.
    My Surf is fitted with BERG 6 spoke 16inch split rim wheels with 305/70R 16 Kumho Road Venture NT tyres. I am looking to change them and am looking for an original set of 3rd generation alloy wheels. 16". I am prepared to have...
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  • surfey
    started a topic Wanted 3rd GEN Parts n/s rear door

    Wanted 3rd GEN Parts n/s rear door

    hiya iam looking for some parts for 3rd gen surf..any help would be great...

    n/s rear door
    n/s side step
    n/s bodykit

    Also need a few other bits so if your breaking a 3rd gen surf please let me know...

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  • tigerchicken
    started a topic Looking for a Surf!

    Looking for a Surf!

    Sadly my current 2nd Generation surf has just passed away with a seized engine (anyone want to buy it?!)

    I'm now looking for one to replace it. I'm near Edinburgh and will travel (though not ridiculously!)

    Budget is around 3000 ish depending on what's on offer. Ideally...
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  • dji
    started a topic Windscreen


    Hi all,
    Been the happy owner of 3l SSRG 2nd gen for a few months and loving it,
    unfortunately need a new windscreen, can anyone let me know if they have one for sale? price?

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