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Wanted - Gen 3 Surf

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  • Wanted - Gen 3 Surf

    I'm looking for a Gen 3 Surf, needs to be diesel so a KZN185, it can be standard or modified but please not too extreme!
    My only real requirement is that it needs to be Maroon or red, preferably a solid colour but it can also be over silver, and with a rear hanging spare!
    Budget is around 2000, I can find a little more but it will be me who decides if your Surf is worth the extra.
    I understand that there's a lot of dreamers out who seem to think that a Surf is as valuable as a LC Amazon so don't waste my time if you're one of these.
    Message me on here if you've got or know someone who may have what I'm after please.

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    I'd say 2k is a bit shy for what you'd need to pay for a tidy Gen 3 surf. More like 3k upwards.

    Best bet is ebay.
    Rob Watson (forum owner and admin)


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      Purchase completed and within my budget