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  • 2nd Gen Front Wheel Drive? Temporary Only?

    Well I'm parting out my old Surf, Then Engine are Gearbox are being put up for sale but will be left in the vehicle which must remain drivable, to allow new owner to easily load on trailer and for me to drive out of garden!
    My question is, this truck has a really good LSD in that the previous...
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  • jesusitez3
    started a topic PreRunner prebuild

    PreRunner prebuild

    I am in the very early stages of a prerunner build, planning and financing stage really. But anyway I'm looking on ways to squeez out as many horses as i can from the 1kz in the Surf as I wanted a surf because of this engine and dont plan on changing it. Open to any suggestions
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  • Help with LN130 leaning to the right.

    Hello I have a 1993 LN130 Toyota Hilux Surf and I have a quick question. My Hilux is leaning a bit to the right. Im thinking it is the rear spring in the back that has gone but I am not sure. I need a professional option. What do you guys think it is?
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  • Surf815
    started a topic My Surfs

    My Surfs

    I am new to this forum, I want to show you my surfs.

    I have a
    gen 2 1995 SSR-X Limited, black, manual
    gen 3 1997 SSR-X, silver/pearl, auto

    Both have the same engine, 3TD.

    Too precious to ever off road but do nicely in the snow!...
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    Last edited by Surf815; 6 June 2015, 12:46.

  • KZN130 Timing/Cambelt change?

    I'm just wondering when it needs changing? It's not been done in over 9 years so I'm going to get it done asap. I've tried viewing the service schedule at the bottom of the forum but it's unable to open the page

    Thanks in advance
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  • ezalife
    started a topic looking for latest surf?..?

    looking for latest surf?..?

    guys, I've had a 1994 surf for a decade and it's coming to the end of it's life.

    I've been looking around for a replacement, I've considered other makes but I love the look of the surf (I have the ltd savana ssr-x version) and just don't like the driving position in most (sit up straight...
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  • What are these bits called?!

    There is excessive play on the nearside of my 1994 3.0TD Surf, at three areas indicated by the arrows in the pic below:

    I'm assuming replacing the tie-rod assembly (eg. this from milners)) will solve the problem at the green and red arrows but what do I need for the play...
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  • Shaft120
    started a topic The last of the V6's

    The last of the V6's

    Chaps / Chapess'

    After much nagging, I finally succumbed and bought a second hand 7 seater for the Mrs. 2009 T180 Verso - and very nice it is too.

    However, with a Mondeo I am running into the ground, and probably replacing this next year - the Surf has become...
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  • WANTED 98/99/01 Surf.Low mileage,Cash Waiting.

    Hi there,Im going to have one more try at getting a newer Surf,before I commit to a full rebuild of mine.Ill give you the brief story,Ive got a 1995 SRX that Ive had a good while,its fully spec,d and comes with Full leather from Toyota-including the door cards.Well I got front & rear Ranchos to...
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  • Elter
    started a topic Surf head is dead.

    Surf head is dead.

    Driving down the highway, engine heat at a normal level, I look down to find the meter rising. With no shoulder for a solid 2 KM I had to basically coast, hoping I hadn't cooked the thing. I had a case of bottled water and, fortunately, 3 out of 4 liters of antifreeze left in the jug but when I looked...
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  • alex.howard
    started a topic Rear window motor

    Rear window motor

    I have a 91 hilux surf on which the rear window motor blew up a few days ago, would anyone be able to tell me if this would work as a replacement? Cheers,

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  • Wanted late 2nd Gen or 3rd Gen 2.4 / 3L Manual Surf

    Guys / Gals

    Loving home available....

    Am looking to replace my Surf, which was pinched and torched by gypsies.

    Has to be a well looked after prime example. Would consider one that has had a professional lift job done on it up to 2...
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    Last edited by Shaft120; 14 December 2010, 00:04.

  • fazLN130
    started a topic Engine ECU for KZTE - Prado KZJ78

    Engine ECU for KZTE - Prado KZJ78

    Hello surfers,

    I am searching for an engine ECU for a 3.0 Prado auto (1994) KZJ78,

    The part number is 89661 60250.

    Do the KZN130 Surfs have the same ECU?

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