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The last of the V6's

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  • The last of the V6's

    Chaps / Chapess'

    After much nagging, I finally succumbed and bought a second hand 7 seater for the Mrs. 2009 T180 Verso - and very nice it is too.

    However, with a Mondeo I am running into the ground, and probably replacing this next year - the Surf has become surplus to requirements. It kills me to even contemplate it - but I think she'll be going up on the notice board this week. So just thought I'd give people a heads up and to crowd-source what people think I should be looking for price wise.

    I'll do a new photo set up later this week, but have attached some that Tony N took when he fitted my Rancho lift kit.

    It is a (VZN185) 3rd gen SSR-G 3.4 Litre V6 Petrol injection and still accelerates out of the blocks like a scalded cat when you floor it. Silver/Grey N reg, 2006 registered. Did have the light blue interior, but had carpets and rear seats dyed black/navy and the plastic trims sprayed black (vinyl paint). The front seats are leather re-fits from a Scooby.
    It has the 2" Rancho lift from Roughtrax (Feb 2012):

    Quantity Product Price
    01 Rancho Full 2" Suspension Lift Kit 378.00

    and Tony N fitted an additional 2" body lift, in order to fit Mickey Thompson Baja MTD 305/70/16 on black modular steel rims. They have plenty of tread on them and a brand new spare, rear slung on the back. (The good thing about this combo is that the wheelbase is slightly wider and longer due to the tyres/wheels, which offsets any additional roll you would normally expect due to the lift. It still corners as well as it ever did.) I also have had the following fitted from Roughtrax in July 2012:

    Quantity Product Price
    02 Front Anti-Roll bar link 17.50
    02 Upper Ball Joint 15.00
    01 Lower Ball joint L/H 31.00
    01 Lower Ball joint R/H 31.00
    01 Front Control Arm Bush Kit 155.00
    01 Front Anti-Roll Bar Bush Kit 16.00
    01 Rear Trailing Arms & Panhard Rod Bush Kit 92.00
    01 SuperPro Rear Anti-Roll Bar Bush Kit 19mm 16.00
    01 Spare Wheel Stopper Rubber 19.99

    Other than that it has just been services. Has 6 months tax as of today - can't remember when MOT is due, probably August. There are of course usual nicks to paint and wear and tear for 1996 truck. Also there is part of the dash console which I didn't finish painting (ran out of time before a road trip to Spa) and I ran out of weather last year when I had started to brush and protect the underside. To be honest it was so laborious I was considering getting it blasted and sprayed, but winter closed in.

    Let me know what you think and what you think I should be looking for. Will be a sad day indeed when she's gone - I feel like Mad Max and his car - one of the last V6's baby!
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    Nice stance.

    I would advertise it for 2800 ono.
    It's eighteen years old and one of those petrol versions that the Luddites think are useless for muddy off-roading and expensive to run, so be prepared for 'Yoshie bids'.


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      Nice truck, I suppose asking 2400 and taking around 2000 would be a result.
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        Forgot to mention, only 144k Km on the clock
        Take your words, put them on a plate, add a little bit of humble pie, and eat them!