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  • looking for latest surf?..?

    guys, I've had a 1994 surf for a decade and it's coming to the end of it's life.

    I've been looking around for a replacement, I've considered other makes but I love the look of the surf (I have the ltd savana ssr-x version) and just don't like the driving position in most (sit up straight like a farmer vs car like) or the 'sway' of a lot of other 4x4s. Also the boot size and ride height it ideal.

    I was looking at 3rd gens but they all seem 1996 ish and are going to be old as well, 4th gen surf sounds good - did consider the Fortuner but a) can't find one here, b) they have those fold up seats taking up the boot.

    problem... I can't find a single 4th gen ANYWHERE for sale.
    are they:
    a) so damn good that no-one sells them?
    b) didn't really get imported?
    c) all died and went to surf heaven?

    any suggestions on where to find one or alternatives?
    are they still available on Jap import etc - can't find?

    thanks for any help or advise!

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    the wolf is always bigger when you are scared!!


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      A 3rd Gen with low mileage could last you quite a few years, spares seem widely available...If you have the dosh and a VISA you can import your own 4th Gen, quite straight forward.

      Plenty of Fortuners here, they are very good and not all have the extra folding seats.
      Even if they do, you can remove them easily.



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        thanks for the import link - interesting and great options, though importing myself is a complete unknown and would be worried about getting stung.

        I've looked around a good 20/30 sites plus the autotrader variants and haven't managed to find a single 4th Gen or Fortuner for sale.

        When I bought my 2nd Gen it was from a company near Bury which did all the sourcing and importing etc for you.
        Does anyone know of an importer/reseller that would have access to Fortuners and 4th Gens?

        I'm currently contemplating 4runners and Pathfinders as both seem readily available but would rather stick with a Surf (or maybe Fortuner though have never seen one in person)