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  • Surfnewbie
    started a topic Transmission fluid overheating

    Transmission fluid overheating

    Hey guys! I'm new to the surf life and urgently need some advice.

    I own a 1991 2.4L turbo diesel automatic surf, pretty low ks for its age at 130,000k
    I've recently got the transmission reconditioned as the A/T OIL TEMP light kept coming on. Since then I've driven around 3000k and...
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  • jackson.mcbreen
    started a topic overheating (sometimes)

    overheating (sometimes)

    Hey, I'm new and just wondering if anyone could help sort my surf out.
    I have a 1996 kzn 185 1kz te and having problems with it overheating. It runs fine in the city and on the open road and never overheats and then when i take it up a gravel hill on a hot day it heats up and i get the auto trans...
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  • Overheating and hard turnover 3.0 TD

    Hi all, hoping for some help!

    We're having some problems with our '94 3.0 td and wondering if it's two separate problems or connected.

    1. The car has been overheating and leaking radiator fluid - the radiator is only 1 yr old and has been checked and that's not the issue,...
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  • boma23
    started a topic Sudden overheat - then back to normal

    Sudden overheat - then back to normal


    had a funny turn last night in the truck. Whilst we all know the fairly well documented issues with the stupid autobox cooler design, which can cause overheating on long, drawn out uphills in very hot weather (not often in the UK), it appears last night my truck had a more serious...
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  • abeeynort
    started a topic Overheating problem 3l TD

    Overheating problem 3l TD

    Hi all, new to the forum, but finding it very useful.
    I've got a 3l TD that keeps overheating. I followed instructions given on other threads and fitted a new rad as old one cracked. I also put in a new toyota thermostat after cleaning and flushing the entire system really well. put in toyota...
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  • Waterbaby
    started a topic Hello:-)


    Technically it's the husband's KNZ130 '94 Hilux but I drive it. We bought it in a bit of a rush before Christmas, after the head on our Pajero went. Same probs with overheating as many of you. I first noticed a problem in the hot spell at Easter, on the way to the beach after climbing the hill at Hindhead!...
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  • surffinance
    started a topic Potential blown head?

    Potential blown head?


    I drove a few miles up the M4 this afternoon, all was going OK until we came off onto the A4. We were going along about 40 on a straight piece of road (not uphill or anything) and suddenly the temperature gauge started moving up fast towards the red.

    I pulled onto a...
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  • 800Days
    started a topic Engine Bay Heat Extractor Fans

    Engine Bay Heat Extractor Fans


    I'm new to the forum, but don't worry I'm going to have A LOT of questions in the near future for all of you....and maybe a little advice too.

    Myself and my travel buddy/special lady friend are planning a pretty hefty expedition/trip in our 2nd Gen SSRX 3.0 Ltd.
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  • twiggy
    started a topic Overheating 2.4 in extreme cold

    Overheating 2.4 in extreme cold

    Hi to all
    Excuse the newbie question but I wonder if anybody can shed light on why my 2.4 TD hilux (on a K plate) overheated today. It was fine yesterday when 8 inches of snow fell. In 4 WD mode it got me from work when everybody else appeared to be sliding off the road. I went to use it today...
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  • mountain_man
    started a topic 2.4 td

    2.4 td

    Hello and i'm a newbie who has just bought a stunning Hilux Surf 2.4TD. Now i guess it's what you have all heard before so here i go.
    My Hilux is in such perfect condition apart from overheating. My friend was the last owner who changed the head with a modified one, changed thermostat, radiator,...
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