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  • des55
    started a topic We Were Robbed

    We Were Robbed

    My Surf got stolen a couple of weeks back from a carpark in Leeds - smashed rear door quarter glass and then chiselled off the ignition barrel, bypassed my meagre alarm and immobiliser. I got complacent living in quiet countryside and and have learnt a good lesson in not f*cking about. Thatcham approved...
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  • Slugsie
    started a topic Air-con belt - correct fitment

    Air-con belt - correct fitment

    I just had to replace the air-con belt on my 2nd Gen 3ltr, and I thought I'd share one bit of information that might help others.

    The listed part by Eurocarparts and Roughtrax is a 13x1175 belt. I got one from Eurocarparts as they had a special on and it ended up being 5.77 delivered....
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  • MadCrix
    started a topic 1994 Toyota Surf

    1994 Toyota Surf

    Good Day, can anyone provide a copy of the workshop manual for this vehicle?

    thanks alot
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  • des55
    started a topic Lucy - '94 KZN130

    Lucy - '94 KZN130

    More pics of her (and snotty old land rovers) at

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  • JAMES 1111
    started a topic KZN130 Manual Gearbox change

    KZN130 Manual Gearbox change

    Evening all .
    I have the well documented 3.0 manual box jumping out of first problem .
    It is not the bushes .
    Also the clutch will need replacing soon and I am going to do both at the same time.
    So the questions to those in the know are ;
    1* Is it possible to get a...
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  • Blowers not working and switch not moving!

    Hi, got a 94 KZN130 and it's slowly giving up on me.

    Blowers have been getting a little finnicky about whether they want to blow or not, used to only work if I could get the switch to sit inbetween the selections (I could hear the relay ticking away in complaint) but they always worked....
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  • SSRG3
    started a topic KZN130 3.0L TD Electrical diagram

    KZN130 3.0L TD Electrical diagram

    Hello - have been through the threads and read there "might" be in circulation a KZN130 Body electrical wiring diagram that has been emailed out in the past 06/07. If anyone has one available would be most grateful for the help. Regards Andy
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  • MadKiwi
    started a topic KZN130 instrument cluster

    KZN130 instrument cluster

    Speedo started cutting out a while back and has now failed entirely. Local auto electrician has traced the fault back to the speedo itself (sender unit and wiring loom proven good), so will need to replace the speedo itself.

    Will be a lot more practical just to swap out the whole instrument...
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  • traxegg
    started a topic Wanted speedo sensor kzn130 / ln130

    Wanted speedo sensor kzn130 / ln130

    I am looking for a speedosensor (the one behind the dashboard) for a Surf 3,0lt TD 1993 - KZN 130 ( or 2,4lt TD - LN 130) Automatic Transmission.
    Anyone got a spare one for sale ?
    Thank you
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  • 94 Surf 3.0TD - Newbie help needed - vibrating, tapping noise coming from engine

    Hi, just bought my first surf 3 weeks ago. Ran like a dream on diesel, and on SVO - until I got the wrong stuff from Costco an filled it up with Soy Oil. Ran lumpy and started vibrating.

    On the way from Newbury to Devon on Friday this tapping noise started coming from the engine somewhere...
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