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Air-con belt - correct fitment

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  • Air-con belt - correct fitment

    I just had to replace the air-con belt on my 2nd Gen 3ltr, and I thought I'd share one bit of information that might help others.

    The listed part by Eurocarparts and Roughtrax is a 13x1175 belt. I got one from Eurocarparts as they had a special on and it ended up being 5.77 delivered.

    Only problem is that the bugger didn't fit, not even with the tensioner right the way down. Reading here and other forums suggested that it is a common thing and that you have to really wrestle it on. Looking at the belt it rode quite high in the pulleys, so I checked it against the old belt, and found it was much wider. The old belt (which has been on for at least 12 years) was closer to 10x1175. So I swapped it out (Euro parts # 202660505) and this one fits on a doddle, rides correctly in the pulleys, and tightens up just fine.

    No idea if my old belt was the genuinely correct one or if the previous owner had a similar problem and just swapped it out. Anyway, hope this bit of information helps another Surf owner out.
    Paul </Slugsie>
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    Hey Paul longtime mate, hope ya well...Nice tip buy the way, never ran a Air-con belt for the last 14 years but always kept it in the Truck tho, still have it but probably passed it's sell by date now tho

    16+ Years of Surfs, 9 years on Spotless it ain't but spotless to a "T" is my KZN 130 Yota !!
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