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  • Charlie1975
    started a topic Hand brake dash light issue

    Hand brake dash light issue

    Hi everyone.

    My names Charlie, this is my first post since joining this forum. I've recently took on my late fathers Hilux Surf 2.4 Turbo diesel on a K registered Jap import. It's a lovely vehicle and only got 95,000 on the clock. It was his pride and joy. However, it's old and i've...
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  • Aftermarket Alarm Removal/Wiring Diagram..Help!


    I have 1998 Hilux Surf SSR-G I recently imported and I am having some issues with an aftermarket alarm system that came with it.

    I am hoping to get some insight and help how to remove this thing because its a pain in the butt... I am not sure where this thing is tied...
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  • Lormarz
    started a topic Need Hilux Surf ECU

    Need Hilux Surf ECU

    After some problems starting my 3.0 Diesel Surf. I brought it to my mechanic and he said that the ECU is busted.
    I have tried searching on eBay for one, but with no match.
    Does anyone know where I could get one of these?
    This is what is written on the sticker on the part:
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  • andyverran
    started a topic 2.4TD 1993 'L' Breaking

    2.4TD 1993 'L' Breaking

    Turbo seals failed and no cash to fix, so every bit for sale, shame really as it was a nice looking truck. :-(

    Mail me if you need anything.

    Various pics:

    Bits already in the garage:
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    Last edited by andyverran; 12 July 2013, 00:54.

  • Permanently-powered 12v cigarette lighter


    I'd like to add a cigarette lighter socket to my Hilux, and I'd like to make it permanently powered so that I can leave a solar panel attached to drip-charge my batteries. It'd also be vaguely useful to have a permanent power connection for charging some small devices, so that's why...
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  • kenglass
    started a topic 4x4 engagenent is a no go

    4x4 engagenent is a no go

    92, surf, ln130, 3" body, 4" suspension, richmond lockers front and rear, and all the other refinements.

    i can not seem to get the 4x4 to engage.
    there is vacume where it is to be.
    there is power to where it should be.
    the add works (i tested it)
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  • 4wheelz
    started a topic electrical issue? revs tripping out.

    electrical issue? revs tripping out.

    hello, i have a 1994 3.0l automatic diesel surf, i have started to have this issue where, travelling along at 100km/h or so the revs will be at 2000 or above, then it will drop a gear for no reason, as if you have taken the over drive off?
    It will do this every 20 seconds or so, usually for a...
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  • 800Days
    started a topic General ECU question

    General ECU question

    From what I gather on here....the main ECU is the same in 2.4's and 3.0's, can someone confirm that?

    I'm thinking of taking one on our trip as a precautionary measure and have access to a 2.4 I can strip.

    Is the 4x4 ECU the same on both models too?

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  • traxegg
    started a topic Wanted speedo sensor kzn130 / ln130

    Wanted speedo sensor kzn130 / ln130

    I am looking for a speedosensor (the one behind the dashboard) for a Surf 3,0lt TD 1993 - KZN 130 ( or 2,4lt TD - LN 130) Automatic Transmission.
    Anyone got a spare one for sale ?
    Thank you
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  • LemmingLegion
    started a topic consumption???


    Ok so if I Manually select 4wd, (by turning the mechanism by hand until it's completely engaged) and leave it engaged, I can use the free wheel hubs, to dis-engage the front wheels.

    My question is: What will this do for my MPG, and wear'n'tear on the transmission, until...
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  • LemmingLegion
    started a topic need a little help,....

    need a little help,....

    I wonder if there is any lovely individual 'out there', who could post a picture or something of the fuse box cover beside the throttle pedal, as mine is missing and I have suspect electrical problems.

    Also, the moon roof motor turns upon pressing the switch but there's no movement from...
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  • sandalsurf
    started a topic 3rd gen 3.L fuses?

    3rd gen 3.L fuses?

    Forgive my stupidity as a new owner but does anyone have a map of fuses for a 3rd gen? The aerial decided not to rise this morning so I presume its just a fuse as there's no straining noise of the motor trying to work?? (here's hoping as its been fine this first week of ownership!)
    loving the...
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