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  • jackson.mcbreen
    started a topic overheating (sometimes)

    overheating (sometimes)

    Hey, I'm new and just wondering if anyone could help sort my surf out.
    I have a 1996 kzn 185 1kz te and having problems with it overheating. It runs fine in the city and on the open road and never overheats and then when i take it up a gravel hill on a hot day it heats up and i get the auto trans...
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  • bobby4star
    started a topic LN130 2.4 Automatic Transmission for sale

    LN130 2.4 Automatic Transmission for sale

    Hi, i have a good auto box for LN130 for sale. I bought it on here years ago from a chap who used to convert LN 130 with Lexus engines and drivetrain. I never fitted the gearbox has just been sat in my garage for about 5 year. it came off a very tidy and low mileage surf it's up for sale on eBay if...
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  • 92 Surf 2.4 2l-te Auto No first gear or lock-up

    Hi all, this is my first post on here so bear with me. I have owned my surf for 2months and knew it had no 1st gear, so I just selected manually. It was only after a few slammed pull offs that 1st started to work and so did the Lock-up, which I didn't even know existed. Since then both have worked simultaneously...
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  • 800Days
    started a topic Wanted Gen2 Auto ECU

    Wanted Gen2 Auto ECU

    1KZTE 3.0L Auto ECU wanted. Message me. Ta.
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  • kurtoppermann
    started a topic Drivers Door Window Problem

    Drivers Door Window Problem


    Ive got a malfunctioning on my window, it will go up and down no problem, however when u engage the auto toggle switch and send the window down it goes all the way but the motor continues turning , also making a dreadful sound. Im thinking that there is possibly a contacts...
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  • Fey!
    started a topic More gearbox stuff.

    More gearbox stuff.

    I put a thread up here a couple of months ago regarding an issue with my gearbox in my 3rd gen. I got some great tips, as well as a how-to guide for changing the fluid and cleaning the filter.

    Unfortunately that didn't work.

    I'll remind you here that I amn't in the least...
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  • Strange thump after releasing break pedal

    Hi got an auto 3.0L SSRX 2000 Gen 3 - normal driving come to a stop then when I release the brake pedal to pull away the breaks release OK but then a thump from whats seems to be like the rear, maybe rear axle or prop shaft. Wondered if anyone experienced this before.

    To possibly eliminate...
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  • Hi Everyone!New Owner! 3.0TD Auto/Manual question?

    Hello Everybody,Im a new owner well 4 months!and got kindly guided to this forum by a ebay member I purchased an item of.A friend of mine had one of these and It allways stuck in my mind what a great vehicle it was!I took four months to look for mine,and on the whole im very happy with it.Now heres...
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