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Hi Everyone!New Owner! 3.0TD Auto/Manual question?

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  • Hi Everyone!New Owner! 3.0TD Auto/Manual question?

    Hello Everybody,Im a new owner well 4 months!and got kindly guided to this forum by a ebay member I purchased an item of.A friend of mine had one of these and It allways stuck in my mind what a great vehicle it was!I took four months to look for mine,and on the whole im very happy with it.Now heres my problem,Ive got recently made redundant,and now using the vehicle as a work tool rather than buying a van.Mine is the 3.0TD,now it has about 90 thousand miles on the clock.Im aware of the engine issues with these and considering buying an spare engine from a local breakers-but the engine they have is a 3.0TD Manual whereas mine is an auto.Would the manual engine fit onto my auto gearbox?I do know sometimes the only difference is the pilot bushing in the crank-But i have absolutely no experience of Japanese engines at all?Any help would be appreciated.