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  • Surf 1995 Gearbox issues. Flashing O/D light. Shudder. Torque converter

    Looking for some advice or help please, I have a 1995 Surf KZN185 3.0L Diesel. Been in the family for years and coming up to 320k

    Round this time last year my other truck broke down and I had to take my surf out after not using it for a while. I was towing a load of logs on a smaller trailer...
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  • jackson.mcbreen
    started a topic overheating (sometimes)

    overheating (sometimes)

    Hey, I'm new and just wondering if anyone could help sort my surf out.
    I have a 1996 kzn 185 1kz te and having problems with it overheating. It runs fine in the city and on the open road and never overheats and then when i take it up a gravel hill on a hot day it heats up and i get the auto trans...
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  • chris66
    started a topic Wanted - Gen 3 Surf

    Wanted - Gen 3 Surf

    I'm looking for a Gen 3 Surf, needs to be diesel so a KZN185, it can be standard or modified but please not too extreme!
    My only real requirement is that it needs to be Maroon or red, preferably a solid colour but it can also be over silver, and with a rear hanging spare!
    Budget is around...
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  • SurfMax
    started a topic Gen 3 KZN185 Called 'Blue Mist'

    Gen 3 KZN185 Called 'Blue Mist'

    Good morning,

    First post and I wanted to start by saying this forum has been an excellent source of information, thanks to all the contributing members for their time. Your posts helped me in purchasing my first Hilux Surf. She is a 1996 Blue Gen 3 import KZN185.

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  • RugbyGeekAdam
    started a topic Replacement caliper bolt (kzn185)

    Replacement caliper bolt (kzn185)

    Sometimes my own strength scares me

    In the process of changing some wheel studs, I managed to sheer off one of the caliper bolts (the bad boys that hold the caliper to the car).

    Any ideas where I can source a replacement?

    In the process of drilling the...
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  • shawthorn
    started a topic Can I borrow a 1KZ-TE ECU for 1/2 a day ?

    Can I borrow a 1KZ-TE ECU for 1/2 a day ?

    On bended knee../.... grovelling in the dirt...

    I am in the Guildford area about 40 miles south west of London and I'm trying to identify a starting problem on a 1996 KZN185 3.0, Surf.

    Seems to be either ECU or fuel pump, and so I'm trying to get an ECU to plug and test...
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  • shawthorn
    started a topic 1kz-te Starting Problem

    1kz-te Starting Problem

    Hi, having looked at the forum I can see this is a problem that has occurred before so I have already done some analysis anyway here is the summary.

    Toyota KZN185 1KZ-TE 3.0 Turbo 1996

    Started first time in March, but has stood for about four/five months and now following...
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  • Electric 4wd on low range knob is a bit dicky

    Hi folks, I've tried looking online for advice on Gen 3 Surfs but not much comes about, mostly Gen 2's, anyway the electric 4wd button on the low range knob, great idea and worked almost instantly engaging and diassengaging when I got it, however this after noon went out for a quick off road blast,...
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  • Orinoco
    started a topic Heater Matrix KZN185

    Heater Matrix KZN185

    1996 KZN185 - heater matrix.

    At least that's what I am assuming. One day heading home after a shortish trip in average warm weather, we found the radiator empty and (later) coolant all over the driver's footwell. Checked it out and saw that it's the heater matrix.

    So far...
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  • 93HiluxSurfDD
    started a topic KZN185 Drivers Seat is Messed

    KZN185 Drivers Seat is Messed

    Hi All,

    I'm having an issue with the padding on my driver's side seat.

    Some history,
    -I bought the car in March 2012
    -I Noticed the front right seat mount was covered up, a bit odd
    Inspected the mount to find out that the bolt must have been pulled...
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  • Toyot hilux surf generation 3 KZN185 Gearbox, torque convertor and drive plate needed


    My beloved surf has died by my older brother hands

    Its a generation 3, Toyot hilux surf KZN185, 3.0 turbo diesel with intercooler

    I need the Gearbox, torque convertor and drive plate (mounted between the fly wheel and torque convertor)

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    Last edited by GarethGriffiths; 16 July 2012, 09:03.

  • KZN185 switch for boot light - where's it hiding?


    I have a gen3 Surf and the interior light for the boot area has stopped coming on when the tailgate is open. The bulb is fine as i can manually switch it off "door" to the on pos and it works.

    My question is, where have Toyota in their wisdom hidden the switch...
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  • Help Required Urgently Fuel Cut Off Solenoid 1998 KZN185

    Help Required Urgently Fuel Cut Off Solenoid 1998 KZN185

    Hi I urgently require a Fuel Cut Off Solenoid for a 1998 HILUX Surf. I beleive the VIN is KZN185. If you have one or can point me in the direction of where I may get one quickly I would appreciate the help.

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  • MarkW
    started a topic 3rd gen left wing mirror assembly

    3rd gen left wing mirror assembly

    Mine hit a tree yesterday :-( Just need the plastic casing and mirror glass, but the whole assembly would be fine. To make my day, tell me you've got it in dark blue as well!!

    Thx Mark
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