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HID Headlights problem

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  • HID Headlights problem

    This may sound weird but I have owned my current KZN130 for 4 years, but last night was the first time I have driven it anywhere in the pitch dark. I am driving along thinking these lights are good, and then switch to full beam. The dipped beams were then activated, with the full beam remaining on?

    Update: Someone just bought the Surf, they are aware of the headlights. End of an era, I have owned 3 Surfs, and love them, needed the space. Sob.
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    This isn't going to be much help - I had HIDs but had to remove them for the MOT. I also never saw the High Beam light when they were wired in. Now I have gone back to the 1x candle power lamps (!) I do see the blue indicator. This is going to be something about the resistance in the lighting circuit but I never got to the bottom of it.