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Voltmeter & dash lights fluctuating

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  • Voltmeter & dash lights fluctuating

    Sat in traffic on my way home from work tonight and I happened to notice the voltmeter needle moving left & right, about 3-4mm movement. I'd never really noticed it before but then how often do you sit and watch the voltmeter? So I watched it doing this for a little while and also noticed that the dash lights were also getting dimmer and brighter at the same time. Not a huge variation and you probably wouldn't notice anything normally, but noticeable if you sit and watch it. The engine revs remained steady, there was nothing that might have been cutting in and out or triggering any relays that I could hear.
    Is this normal? I've recently replaced the alternator and the batteries had a full charge on the bench at the same time so all should be good there.
    Can you have a look at yours and see if it does the same please?

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    were you indicating?


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      No, I wasn't indicating. Wipers were off. There isn't anything switched on that would cause it that I can think of.