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Alternator charging issues?

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  • Alternator charging issues?

    Hi guys, i have a 1996/97 Toyota Hilux surf gen3 with the 3.0l kzn185 intercooled engine it also has twin batteries.
    My question is when the engine is running i presume there should be a voltage of around 13.5 volts going to the batteries like most cars. or have toyota got some sort of weird regulation going on?

    Just trying to work out if my alternator is fooked.

    Battery resting voltage (engine off) is around 11.6 to 12 volts So a little low but tring to work out of thats because of the alternator.
    When running the battery voltage is around 12.5 to 12,7 volts but does not increase with rpm.

    Also is it worth getting the 140amp upgrade alternator that is for sale on ebay or just stick with the 70amp from roughtrax.

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    Hi there Buddy, FYI,The charging rate should read no less than 13.8v n no more than 14.2v it sounds like ya battery / ies maybe past their best.
    With twin batteries it's best to renew em in pairs.
    I would suggest getting the batteries checked (seperately) also get the charge rate checked by a Vehicle sparky n by elimination ya should have the answer to ya problem .. Good Luck

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      To check your batteries you can get a battery tester off Ebay for about a tenner

      Search for CCA tester
      Rob Watson (forum owner and admin)


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        Check your alternator
        Donít buy new, thereís a place by me that fixes alternators and put 12 month warranty on too.
        Only cost me £40 instead of the £200 odd for a new one.

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          Sounds exactly like mine! The alternator was only giving out about 12.4 volts, slugish starting etc, batteries were almost new genuine Toyota ones too.
          I got the alternator rebuilt and it's been fine since. One note though is that it charges at 13.4 to 13.8 volts on both the voltmeter fitted and on my multimeter. Higher when it's been sat for a while but never over 14 volts.