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  • Surfnewbie
    started a topic Transmission fluid overheating

    Transmission fluid overheating

    Hey guys! I'm new to the surf life and urgently need some advice.

    I own a 1991 2.4L turbo diesel automatic surf, pretty low ks for its age at 130,000k
    I've recently got the transmission reconditioned as the A/T OIL TEMP light kept coming on. Since then I've driven around 3000k and...
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  • Newbie with 2.4 Surf Possible Transmission Problem?

    Hi All

    I've just taken ownership of a 1993 2.4 TD Surf. On a recent journey there was a vibration which I can only describe as though driving along a "old/worn out" rumble strip. When I took my foot off the accelerator the RPM didn't just drop like it did before this occurred,...
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  • Gen 2 3.0 TD Auto Surf Breaking / Spares Engine/Gearbox

    Last Summer My Surf Failed its MOT, what made simple matters worse is the rear brake pipe busted whilst being tested! I was very very busy at the time with work so sourced another vehicle - after much deliberation I'm now parting this vehicle out.
    Engine & Gearbox perfect with no issues,...
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  • bobby4star
    started a topic LN130 2.4 Automatic Transmission for sale

    LN130 2.4 Automatic Transmission for sale

    Hi, i have a good auto box for LN130 for sale. I bought it on here years ago from a chap who used to convert LN 130 with Lexus engines and drivetrain. I never fitted the gearbox has just been sat in my garage for about 5 year. it came off a very tidy and low mileage surf it's up for sale on eBay if...
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  • kenglass
    started a topic trans-transfer


    i just bought a 93 kzt130 5speed. the plate says it has the R151F transmission. it looks like it has the VF1A transfercase. I want to install a dual RF1A set-up. will the RF1A bolt up to the R151F??
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  • Fey!
    started a topic More gearbox stuff.

    More gearbox stuff.

    I put a thread up here a couple of months ago regarding an issue with my gearbox in my 3rd gen. I got some great tips, as well as a how-to guide for changing the fluid and cleaning the filter.

    Unfortunately that didn't work.

    I'll remind you here that I amn't in the least...
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  • 4wheelz
    started a topic electrical issue? revs tripping out.

    electrical issue? revs tripping out.

    hello, i have a 1994 3.0l automatic diesel surf, i have started to have this issue where, travelling along at 100km/h or so the revs will be at 2000 or above, then it will drop a gear for no reason, as if you have taken the over drive off?
    It will do this every 20 seconds or so, usually for a...
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