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Newbie with 2.4 Surf Possible Transmission Problem?

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  • Newbie with 2.4 Surf Possible Transmission Problem?

    Hi All

    I've just taken ownership of a 1993 2.4 TD Surf. On a recent journey there was a vibration which I can only describe as though driving along a "old/worn out" rumble strip. When I took my foot off the accelerator the RPM didn't just drop like it did before this occurred, it very slowly reduced as though stuck in gear??. It now happens nearly all the time so it is off the road until I can diagnose and fix it! Scenario = Driving ok accelerating up with half throttle pedal and she changes up as you would expect, then the vibrations about 2500 RPM slow down and it feels as though it isn't changing down but does change down if you put your foot down. If you slow down from 60 mph to 40 mph it changes gear down but will change back into top gear fairly quickly and by the sound of the engine, too soon?

    As I said above its a 1993 2.4 TD, 31" wheels. Transmission fluid level is spot on and the fluid is clean (pink!). Any help or pointers in diagnosing this would be greatly appreciated,

    Thanks in advance