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  • doctorflipflop
    started a topic Suspension work needed

    Suspension work needed

    Hello to everyone on the forum.

    I have used forums before with my other vehicles and find them to be the best place to get answers to any problems as they are full of like minded, helpful people.

    I have a 1994 surf 3.0 that failed its MOT this week, mainly on suspension...
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  • hard / soft stopped working and stuck on hard

    Before anyone says "bin em", my truck is low mileage, and the hard / soft switch is a godsend for me where i live - lots of horrificly paved roads with potholes, but my commute is a smooth twisty over a mountain and I dont hang about.

    Even with the 2" RT springs the difference...
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  • Diesel Turbo
    started a topic Soft or Hard shocks

    Soft or Hard shocks

    I have just done a coat of wax oil and put it on with a brush. Since doing this i went out and noticed that the light for soft or hard shocks is flickering on when on normal but comes on as it should on hard. I have done the whole vehicle with the wax oil so I don't know where to start looking for where...
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  • Sai-Lux
    started a topic Some Help please.

    Some Help please.

    Hi there, first-time poster on the forum but not a first time reader!

    I've had my '93 2nd Gen SSR-X Hilux Surf 2.4Td since summer last year and have just been restoring her very slowly and with a low budget. She's had a hard life with previous owners! (Seriously it was like rescuing...
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  • Shaft120
    started a topic 3rd Gen Lift

    3rd Gen Lift

    Righty ho chaps,

    The Service and MOT is coming up on the Mistress in August, and I don't want to have to replace any tyres on her for the MOT that I'll have to replace again, so the time for the summer lift is now!

    The Mistress is a 3rd Gen 3.4 V6 N reg 1996/7
    1. I
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  • 800Days
    started a topic Carrying extra weight

    Carrying extra weight

    I'm currently just trying to suss out my options for stiffening up my rear end. I've had a good browse on the forum but not found much info regarding the subject, so apologies if I've missed the thread.

    We are planning a pretty hefty trip and will have a full load (2 people, Roof top...
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  • Surfs:up
    started a topic Overlanding


    Hi all,

    I currently planning an overloading holiday to Morocco and have a Surf in mind for the trip. I have a few ideas about various modifications relevant for such journey.

    1. Snorkel for any river crossings,
    2. 2" suspension lift,
    3. 31" All...
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