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How to prepare a 3rd Gen Surf for African travel, on a budget. PART 2

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    Not long returned from another trip to the coast in Northern Mozambique, some amazing scenery and the usual terrible roads.

    One day, after a long stretch in deep sand the ABS light came on and it has stayed on since, also I lost ABS,the wheels lock with energetic braking.

    I also hit several large potholes and makeshift speed bumps at...ehm...high speed. On the way back home (12 hours drive!) I noticed a lot of steering wheel wobble, but only on braking, otherwise it drives dead straight...maybe warped discs?

    I will investigate next week.

    Apart from that, a few thousand trouble-free miles on some really hairy terrain.

    The beaches on the Indian Ocean made it all worthwhile.

    Some pics attached for those of you who like that sort of thing (including a Surf with a cool spare wheel cover: it has an inbuilt shovel...things you need over here...).

    Happy New Year everybody.

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      Nice pics as usual Fabrizio! Thanks for sharing!
      Happy new year!