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Roof rail install with pictures

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    If you get a minute coudl you get a close up of the coonections onto the roof rails. Just want to see how it looks.
    I have spoken to a mate,we are going to get some 10mm square bar and make something up, then get it galvanised. I want the bars to be off most of the time but maybe to store them under the truck somewhere.
    Will make them and see where they can go!


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      fitting roof rails

      There's some great ideas on here, and thanks to those that have posted them, and had the brass ones to do it.
      However, I'm not that great with fabricating (did a snorkel on a trooper once) and the idea of drilling holes in my surf scares the snot out of me. So what I'm asking is there anyone who would do this for me, with a prediscussed donation from me of course, I live in Worthing, west Sussex, and willing to travel within a 100 mile radius.


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        I can't draw a straight line with a ruler, hence I went to 4x4 toys (TonyN).

        It was a really good job, during ownership I had some seriously heavy loads with no problem.

        Just noticed Tony's link has expired so here's my thread
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        Gone from 4x4 to 1x2


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          How do I get to see the pictures please? do I have to make an account cheers?