Hi all, this is my first post on here so bear with me. I have owned my surf for 2months and knew it had no 1st gear, so I just selected manually. It was only after a few slammed pull offs that 1st started to work and so did the Lock-up, which I didn't even know existed. Since then both have worked simultaneously on and off, though more off! I read off the error code (obtained by linking t1; not e1 as detailed by various sources). It came up with no.1 solenoid. Through trying to combine the ect pin out diagram and ect wiring diagram (conflicting number of in/outputs to pins) I think I've identified s1 socket and it shows to be open circuit. I couldn't find any loom connector to solenoid diagram anywhere or even where the solenoids are. I found only 2 connection plugs to the square gearbox casing so guessed it would be the 1st one from the motor, rhs, 2 wire. Unplugged it and the truck drove the same, no 1st, probably no 2nd and no lockup. The socket on the box felt a bit loose and could turn fairly easily. I'm thinking is a connection problem rather than the solenoid itself, with the pull-off jolt moving things slightly and temporarily connecting. Does anyone know what's on the other side of the socket, how it comes out and connects to the solenoid?is it a 90 degree pin to prong type arrangement? If it is I would guess the contacts are bad on the inside? Any thoughts would be great. Cheers