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Changing rear brake cylinders

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  • Changing rear brake cylinders

    Hi, just after a bit of advice please.
    My 96 surf failed MOT on leaking rear brake cylinder. Iíve ordered a pair of cylinders, shoes and the tensioner kit thing with all the brass bits and springs and brake fluid from rough tracks.
    My question is: do you think itís a job that can be done with limited mechanical experience, I do the servicing on the surf but never tried a repair of this size.
    Iíve got a Halfords tool kit, jack and stands.
    What are the main things to look out for that could go wrong or would I be best taking it to a garage to get the work done?
    Toyota wanted £650 to do the work, the thing is I donít want to take it to just any dodgy back street garage. Iím in Rotherham, are there any garages local to me that you guys would recommend or would your advice be to grow a pair and do it myself, just a bit cautious in case I sheared any bolts off or something as it wants to be right with taking family on holiday in it.
    Any advice would be really appreciated
    Thank you

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    Hi n welcome you sound like a reasonably commonsense sort of person so don't see a problem provided ya air on the side of caution where brakes are concerned... Jack up n remove both sides n DO one side at a time !! make sure ya Clamp the rubber brake hose on either side (I normally use Mole grips with cardboard as protection...
    Good Luck

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