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Steering Rack "Clamping"? during a Track Rod Change

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  • Steering Rack "Clamping"? during a Track Rod Change

    Morning Gents,

    I'm looking to change the Steering Track rods on my Surf (the current ones are seized on the adjuster, and putting heat on will be erm, tricky), and a note on a the Milner 4x4 website mentioned that the steering rack must be clamped down during the process?

    Could anyone advise on how to clamp it down please? (I'm not familiar with the process, as its always been landrovers for me)

    Also, I've got prices from Milner 4x4 and Roughtrax for the parts, but does anyone have any experience of which is better? presumably they have a common source?

    thanks in advance.

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