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Changing to 4WD on the move...

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  • Changing to 4WD on the move...

    Well I confirmed it today, and it's probably not news to you guys, but...

    Beware when going into 4WD (using the electronic button on a the 3rd gen) if you're on the move and especially if you're going round a corner.

    The little amber centre diff lock light flashes....because it's locks the diff while it's

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    The button only engages the front diff. The centre diff is engaged by the lever, HL4. You are meant to press the button on the go with no problems. Cheers


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      Hmm that was my understanding originally, but that doesn't explain why I've had a bind-up round a tight bend at low speed when changing between on the fly, and had the rear kicked out when changing at higher speed mid-corner.


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        Oh, ok..maybe the centre diff engages for a moment as you press the button? Maybe better engage 4x4 on the straight only...



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          Confirmed this action at the weekend, tried engaging 4WD part way down a spiraling multi-story ramp and couldn't get off the ramp - totally bound up and the only way I could release it was to aim at kerb with one front tyre and let the front-rear bind up chirp out the stored energy. Baffling.