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Heater blowing Cold Air FIX

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  • Heater blowing Cold Air FIX

    Heater blowing Cold Air - FIXED

    My truck is a 3rd Gen Intercooled, (without Hair Dryer)...
    • My heater was blowing cold air - well cool air, with a hint of warmth.
    • Coolant level was fine
    • No air blockages in the system as far as I could tell.
    • Checked the valve on the bulkhead, which was working fine.
    • No water leaks in passenger footwell
    • Air con blowing cold air fine.

    FIX FOR MY ISSUE: Flush the Heater Matrix
    1. Turn on engine, move heater to max so the valve is open (I assume!) - its on the bulkhead in the middle - has a wire cable that moves the valve,
    2. Check valve has moved to the open position (in line with the pipe)
    3. Turn off engine.
    4. Removed the flexible feed and return pipes that fix to the metal mounting that comes up out of the engine bay on the LEFT of the block.
    5. I needed to use a blunt knife to free the pipes as they were pretty well stuck to the metal tubes.
    6. Insert hosepipe in either feed or return pipe, and gently increase pressure until its flowing out the other pipe.
    7. Initially I got very little flow, then dark dirty water came out.
    8. Continue until the flow is clear.
    9. Repeat using the other hose as input and ensure you get clean water out.
    10. When clear, refit the hoses, ensuring you top them up with a bit of antifreeze concentrate, or that you refill the heater with antifreeze using the input or return pipe.
    11. Drive to Halfrauds to buy more antifreeze and test the heater.

    Worked a treat and the heater has been hotter than I've ever known it - the crud that came out was thick and dark.
    If you're gonna be a bear... be a Grizzly.

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    exactly what i do every year when i renew the coolant. Good write up, Ill add it to the stickies. but id contest the Halfrauds bit however


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      well I needed to drive SOMEWHERE to test it!
      If you're gonna be a bear... be a Grizzly.


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        a fair point