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Headlights not working

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  • Headlights not working

    Hello all, quite a while ago my headlights stoped working. The parking lights work but when I flick the swich to low beams nothing (even the parking lights turn off). The bulbs are new and working. i tested the relay and it works, and no fuses are blown. I have also checked the switch and it works perfectly.

    when i flick the switch to low beam, i can hear a non-pattered random click in the fuse box under the dash (kinda like a indicator light click but random). i tried feeling the relays to see which was clicking and it was the round relay, manual says tail light relay. so i removed the relay and tested the signal terminals (1 & 2). when i put the switch to parking lights only, i get a normal 12v reading. but when i flick it to low beams (or push to high beams) the voltage drops to about 2.9~3.1v and the head relay under the hood starts to make a buzzing noise.

    i am really confused. what seems to be the probelm?

    edit: when i pull for the flashers, i get a 0v reading at the terminal (normal behavior I believe) but the head relay under the hood buzzes. i have noticed that it only buzzes when the tail light relay is removed.
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    Hi Tam, I suspect that you have a relay gone, but don't ask me which one. If you were in uk I'd say go to a breaker and beg/borrow relays until you solved it, but out in Ethiopia, hmm.


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      buying relays till the headlights work aint the smartest move since they can be quite expensive ($43 for the taillight relay - 90987-01003).

      can some one test the voltage at their tail light relay signal terminals and tell me the reading when the switch is to parking lights, low beam and high beam?
      '94 Surf SSR-X --3.0l Turbo-KZN130W -- 400,000KMs


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        so i tested the headlights and they are working. i don't know how. i tested the signal terminal at the taillight relay and this time i get a 12v reading at parking lights, low and high beam. now the things that are not working are the parking lights (i dont even know how that happened), the interior lights (cluster), tail lights and plate no lights. the headlight warning sound is not there too.
        '94 Surf SSR-X --3.0l Turbo-KZN130W -- 400,000KMs


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          That sounds like a blown fuse in the box in drivers footwell. 10A middle top row