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A343f Transmission Solenoid #1 Fault Code 62

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  • A343f Transmission Solenoid #1 Fault Code 62

    I have a kzn130 (gen 2) surf with a 1kz and A343f auto transmission that's giving me a fault code 62. The fault is for a faulty shift solenoid #1 which gives me the symptoms of not selecting 1st gear unless done so on the shifter manually. I have replaced all 3 shifter solenoids with aftermarket solenoids and reset the ECU but I am still getting the same symptoms. I have also tried three different ECU's with the latest one being checked over professionally twice so I think I can rule that one out!

    The two wires, R-G and W-B, have continuity to plugs beside the ECU and don't actually join the ECU directly (unless they change colour somewhere along the line). R-G gets 12v and W-B gets 0v when the truck is in D and I have compared this to a Prado with a A340 series auto and get the same results.

    Any ideas on what to do next?

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    Have you checked your speed sensor is working correctly?