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    Well I finally finished my conversion, and the V5 and MOT have all been done. It’s running great aside from the fuel pump I bought going noisy, so I’ll need to replace that.

    I do still have a couple of wiring bits to finalise, namely the reverse lights and the overdrive.

    I’m totally confused with what wires I should be connecting to enable the reverse lights, as it seems to pass through the ecu. So I’ve got reverse wires in the ecu plugs, the Lexus main engine harness plug, and the hilux IH1/IH2 plugs. Anyone know what needs to connect to what here to make it work?

    finally, the overdrive works after I followed some posts on here so I think I ran a wire from the ecu direct to the switch on the trans tunnel. The OD works, but backwards. ie: when the button is out and OD Off light is lit, the overdrive is on. When the button is in, and OD Off light is off, the OD is disengaged.

    anyway, it’s been a big learning curve, but I’m delighted it’s pretty much finished, and driveable. The sound is amazing, and I’m looking forward to putting some miles on it.