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New HiLexurf project

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  • New HiLexurf project

    Well after many many years of planning this, including selling both my ls400 and my hilux, then buying another (more appropriate) surf. I finally managed to get my hands on a perfect non vvti ls400 to slit into my 3.0 surf.

    it’s been a while since I’ve been around here, but I can see vince has deleted his parts list, so if I can’t find what I’m looking for, I’ll no doubt be pestering you good folk for tips!

    So to begin, here’s the lexus and the surf before I start making mountains of parts…

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    First things first, I’ll be removing the ls400 engine and box along with loom, headers and cats, alternator loom and power steering/servo hoses and connections.

    just so I can plan ahead a little, am I right in thinking I need a body lift to make everything fit?


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      Nice one! Yep, I think a body lift is required (or at least makes life much simpler). I've got a bunch of parts that I bought with the intention of putting a 1UZ in my old 2nd gen before plans changed. Stuff like a pair of stainless exhaust headers, the V6 handbrake bits to move the cable inside the firewall etc. I need to go through it all, as I've got to be out of my rented workshop by Christmas – they cut my lease short so that they can redevelop the industrial estate :-(

      Give me a shout if there's any bits you need. Just in the middle of fitting a new bathroom at home at the moment, so might not get down to the workshop for a few of weeks, but sorting out the 1UZ bits is on my todo list :-)



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        Engine out!


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          So today managed to remove the transmission, main loom and fuel rail/inlet manifold. It’s a bit mucky in there, so plenty of cleaning to be done before painting.

          incidentally, if anyone knows what needs to be done with the wiring, that would be hugely appreciated!


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            phoenix engine management are good if you need a loom making up

            Theres 3 of us currently doing this conversion (see my build thread) so dont be a stranger if you need help.
            Rob Watson (forum owner and admin)


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              Today was strip down day. My SGS engine stand arrived, so I was able to get it mounted on there, and started stripping off the cam belt and water pump. I went for the heavier duty engine stand, as I heard the smaller one was a bit wobbly. Glad I went for this one, as it helped when cracking the crank pulley bolt! You can see in the photos below, I used my 2 poster to prevent the engine twisting on the stand whilst I got a long breaker bar on the crank pulley bolt.

              So now it’s all stripped down, I can get all the parts cleaned and painted before the new pump and belt kit goes on.

              Does anyone know if I can get a top end gasket set without the head gasket cheaply? I’m a little concerned about reusing some of the gaskets, especially the upper water junction.


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                Engine now all back together with new belt, water pump and idlers. EGR blanks made and installed, and gearbox all painted and ready to refit. Also chopped off the manifold heat shield brackets just in case the get in the way.

                Just got to make up the engine mount bracket plates on the 1uz then I can start pulling the surf apart.


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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	9497B1A4-5B8D-40BF-A19A-FDCFEFB71D56.jpeg
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Size:	215.0 KB
ID:	1296490Finished up all the prep work including fabricating the 1uzfe engine mount plates, refitted the gearbox. Now ready to start stripping the hilux.

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                    I'm probably a bit late with this, but did you recondition or replace the starter?
                    Do you know that, with a 50 character limit, it's


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                      Originally posted by Albannach View Post
                      I'm probably a bit late with this, but did you recondition or replace the starter?
                      Nope. Something which may bite me in the future


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                        So the smelly coal burner has been removed finally. But of a struggle with the transfer box attached. If I did it again, I’d remove the transfer box first!


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                          And the new lump in the hole. Just needs a lot of lining up before the engine and gearbox mounts are fabbed.


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                              Engine mounts made and installed