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Lexus V8 1UZ-FE into Gen 2 Surf SSR-G.

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  • Lexus V8 1UZ-FE into Gen 2 Surf SSR-G.

    Hello all,

    Figured it was about time to start noting down this swap, I say swap, thus far it's just a process of taking the engine apart and scattering oily engine bits all over my garage.

    My truck is a 1994 SSR-G Surf, 3.0 Manual with factory LSD (that is extremely tired, but that will be for another day)

    My engine is 1996 1UZ-FE ll (non-VVTi) out of a Lexus LS400, I say "ll" at the end is the is the slightly updated 1UZ featuring the raised compression ratio, revised pistons, rods and the round section cast ally fuel rails, and does not have the plastic infill plates between the heads and plenum.

    So far I've found a few erroneous nuts and bolts, there would be a row of 12mm nuts then you'd find a 3/8 snuck on there..., have also found a 12mm Snap-On socket hidden in the valley, so that's some of the £400 purchase price negated.

    As I write this, the engine is torn down to just the block casting, I've checked the rod and main clearances with plastigauge (man it takes a long time with 6-bolt mains!), and all is well, though I don't think the previous owner was a fan of oil changes, very sludgy!

    New piston rings were ordered, and end gaps have shown the block to be in good order too, however, when I tried to install them on the piston, it turns out the revised piston ring thickness for rings one and two is 1.2mm and the earlier ones (that I purchased) were 1.5mm, oil control rings are the same at 3mm, slightly annoying.

    The heads are off being skimmed and checked, and seems I have bent valves on one cylinder, and finding replacement valves has shown to be a pain, ended up ordering a full set of 32 from the US, as even with shipping, it's still cheaper than walking down the road to the Lexus garage and buying 4 (yes only four) new OEM valves.

    Next stage will be to Flex-Hone the bores, and pressure wash the block for all its worth.

    Why am I doing things then....?

    The 1KZ-TE in the truck will run till doomsday, I have no doubt about that, but it is woefully under powered, I got out dragged by a Picasso the other day, that is motivation enough!, also the engine is very old, it's not common rail, it's not inter-cooled, it gets 23-25mpg if I'm lucky. I know the 1UZ will fit, read enough threads and posts to be happy with that, and with all the bad press about vehicles that drink from the black pump, I'm sure there will be a squeeze on old oil burners sooner or later. Plus I've never stripped and fully rebuilt an engine, closest I've gotten so far is the head gaskets on my Dad's P38 Range Rover, very interesting to compare the architecture of the 2 engines!

    I'll add pictures in due corse, very easy to blast through a list of tasks only to realise you should have stopped and taken a bunch of pics, one for clues later one when rebuilding, and two, just to help tell the goes!
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    Click image for larger version

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      Nice one! I'll be following along with interest

      I'll be doing the same to my Gen 2 once I get around to repairing the rear arches and sills.


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        Iím also going to be following this with interest as Iím getting very itchy about doing the conversion now, especially as diesels are going to be no doubt penalised all the more ( thank you! To the wonderful governments that all lied to us!)


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          Hello again,

          Figured it was time for an update, mainly just a selection of the less blurry pics I managed to take without getting oil all over my phone (which I did anyway).

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            Sorry....The order seems to have gone all over the place...
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              Nice photos! Looks like you're doing a proper job on the engine

              How are you finding the engine stand? Is it stable enough on there? I've seen that same model, but wasn't sure if I'd need something bigger.

              Like the Bad Obsession sticker. Looking forward to the next Binky episode tomorrow


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                Yes I was keen to go through this top to bottom, one so I know the engine is in good nick and there are no surprises lurking when I first fire it and two, just for the experience of doing it.

                The engine stand is by/from SGS, and personally..... I find it a little bouncy, it say it's rated for 450kgs and it does hold and rotate freely, but when the fully dressed engine was on there, there was a definite nose-down tilt to it, seems stable enough, and the hardware is good.

                Need 4 x M12x1.25 x 100mm bolts (and a bunch of M12 washers) to fasten it to the Rear Face of the Block.

                Bad Obsession are brill, re-watched some of the early ones and they genuinely seem to think they'd get it done a few months...!!!


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                  Injectors cleaned, spray pattern checked and tested for flow rate.

                  All done by a nice chap called Patrick Porter @ Fuel Injector Clinic.

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                    Thanks so much for posting this up, and thanks so much for adding all the pictures!

                    I'm really glad that you've been able to upload the pictures and that they're hosted on the site. There were some VERY useful posts on here where the pictures were uploaded to a third party hosting site (before I took on the site) called photobucket and they've since decided to screw all the forums over and take down the pictures. So it's good you've uploaded them to the actual site so they don't get lost and other people can benefit from them in future.

                    I've noticed that you can't see the pictures unless you log in, so I'll get that rectified.

                    I wait your future posts on this. I would love to do this to my 2nd gen SSR-G one day too.

                    Where abouts in the country are you matey?
                    Rob Watson (forum owner and admin)


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                      Right. Fixed it. The whole world should be able to see all the hard effort you've put into this by being able to see the pictures without having to log in
                      Rob Watson (forum owner and admin)


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                        Hi Rob,

                        Many thanks for sorting that, there was an error that flashed up when I loaded the images originally, which is why I did it again after the error, both times seemed to fail, but then both lots appeared when I logged back into today...?

                        I'm based in the West-Midlands currently, and hope to post frequently as this goes along, still a very long way from plucking the 1KZ-TE out of the Hilux though...!