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Ask for quick help, due to overheating of the motor

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    Has the radiator been cleaned? Might be worth doing if not. Probably better to get the pros to do it, as they will clean out the cores.

    This is the type of tester you need and how to use it -


    I suggest testing via the expansion tank after a short drive. That way there should be a build up of combustion gas in there and safer than removing the radiator cap of a hot engine. Maybe use a bit of tube on end of tester to get close to the coolant level in the expansion tank. Good luck and I hope you do not need a new head.



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      So now I have the certainty the exhaust gases in the coolant reach. Therefore the head has a damage, (and not only the prefurnace chamber as the workshop said in my last visit). Now I will spend once more money and order a new head, with poetries and screws. Now, however, is the question which I have. Of which order the head screws are drawn and with which torque. If somebody has here a plan for me. Also I have discovered yet an additional problem in the Hilux, or have belonged, namely he starts with 2100 rotations to howl, (turbocharger) if so which I need I have sometimes with e-bay and thus looked after the parts (head and turbocharger), however, I am not sure.
      Hope to me can be helped
      Red Monster, KZN130 3,0 Litre Diesel


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          So here's an update to the matter. I put the Hilux in a workshop, (even if I don't trust a garage anymore) but I was in the end with my Latin.

          As it turned out, the turbocharger was incorrectly connected (water cooling) The hose was torn inside (possibly happened during assembly) and had reduced the aperture. So turbo damage. The engine would have needed a new head and the engine block would have to be ground. Costs 2500 to 3500 euro. Even if it hurt, I sold it. It really hurt to see him ride on a hanger of it..

          Now I have some parts in the basement, and you would like to pass them on.

          But I do this on the selling issue

          Thanks to everyone with your tips and help

          Red Monster, KZN130 3,0 Litre Diesel


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            I think that the towing will heat up the transmission fluid more and this heat goes into the radiator. Install an external cooler, between transmission fluid outlet and radiator. Install thermostat as it may cause the engine to get hotter without it. I suggest you read this article https://www.car.co.uk/scrap-my-car/faqs/general/what-is-an-elv-end-of-life-vehicle, maybe it can help you to solve your problem. I think that your car takes part in this type of car.
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