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kzn 130//manual gearbox - hard to shift while engine running

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  • kzn 130//manual gearbox - hard to shift while engine running

    Today, while driving to work, leaving higway, constantly riding @ 60mph, began lowering gears, but somewhat hard.
    While reaching the street, it was a question of letting the gas completely, to lower rpm, to be able to shift.
    When reached final destination, and stopped, I tried shifting at standstil, but it was impossible.
    So I turned off the engine, and tried to shift, and it was flawless, soft as it should be.

    With running engine, If I keep it in gear whith clutch engaged, there is no drag.
    Clutch action seems untacked, oil level full and no diffrence in pressure feeling.

    I have few ideas, like bad clutch plates, synchronization, top bushing..

    To make it short, when engine is off, it shifts as it should, soft.
    When it's runing, it's impossible to put into gear.
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    Just went outside to check againg, with car sitting a few hrs.
    Engine off, gear changes were soft with or without clutch engaged.
    So I started the engine, pressed clutch and tested all gears, with no problems whatsoever.

    What could it be to make it an occasional non worker.
    Gear oil is renewed with fuchs titan sint GL5.


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      Air in clutch fluid?
      Seals in master or slave cylinder worn?

      Can you shift gears if you pump the clutch pedal first?


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        Checked, no outer leakage whatsoever in the master or slave, could try bleeding.

        I can shift now even without pumping clutch. All is perfect. But will see what journey home will bring after next 30 miles.
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          Renewed air before or after.
          Adjusted the pushrod in the master, to activate more.
          Still no progress.
          Pumping the pedal doesnt help.
          Shifting is flawless with engine off.
          All gears are hard to engage with engine running. 3rd and 4th a bit easier.

          Of the two are master or slave seal more prone to leakage, probably both?

          Can I suspect failing clutch itself?


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            will check this today



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              Shifter seat was, as expected, torn to peces, but untill I manage replacement, won't be able to tell the diffrence.
              Still think it will shift hard.