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Door wont open

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  • Door wont open

    Hello again guys...
    Today my drivers door has jammed shut and refused to open. Tried to unlock it with the key and eventually the inside lock button popped up only for the door handles still failing to open door.
    I did notice that inside and outside handles have no resitance in them.
    I managed to part the inside door cover enough for me to get my overly large fingers in and noticed something had come off which fell to the bottom of the door.
    Has something snapped or worked loose?.. An easy fix? or do i need a new mechanism..
    Cheers for your help.

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    It might just be the door card clip that prob broke when you pulled panel off... Have you jyst got a lazy lock or is it more than that? Ie does holding the key in the turned position awhile longer help?
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      theres normally a small bar that connects the handle on the outside to the mechanism and a cable on the inside. if its not opening from either then i would guess the mechanism had broken or jammed.

      if you can get in from passenger side remove the door card completely and have a good look.
      well, that was a bad idea!


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        Thanks guys but something has come off about the size of a nut, dropped through my fingers so will have to strip the card off...