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  • pbeales
    started a topic Footwell Fusebox/Relay Problem

    Footwell Fusebox/Relay Problem


    Have used this forum to find answers many times. Always very helpful, but this time can't seem to find the answers I need

    My problem is that I have screwed up my electric windows by messing around with the relays trying to find the right one to stop my door locks...
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    Last edited by pbeales; 8 May 2014, 13:35.

  • Side lights, rear lights and dash fuse keeps blowing!

    I swapped drivers door yesterday for one with a little less rust, same make model and year, all went smoothly although for some reason the back passenger windows are now refusing to work??

    Next thing I notice is the dash lights aren't working and neither are the sidelights or rear lights!...
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  • kurtoppermann
    started a topic Drivers Door Window Problem

    Drivers Door Window Problem


    Ive got a malfunctioning on my window, it will go up and down no problem, however when u engage the auto toggle switch and send the window down it goes all the way but the motor continues turning , also making a dreadful sound. Im thinking that there is possibly a contacts...
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  • MadKiwi
    started a topic Doors needed for 2nd Gen

    Doors needed for 2nd Gen

    Three of the doors on my truck have started to suffer serious corrosion and will need replacing. I think they're beyond a patch-up job.

    The truck is dark metallic green. Doors needed in order of priority -

    Drivers (only lightly corroded...
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  • mountain_man
    started a topic Door wont open

    Door wont open

    Hello again guys...
    Today my drivers door has jammed shut and refused to open. Tried to unlock it with the key and eventually the inside lock button popped up only for the door handles still failing to open door.
    I did notice that inside and outside handles have no resitance in them....
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  • BillaBob
    started a topic Leather Interior ....... Is this rare?

    Leather Interior ....... Is this rare?

    Hi there,I parked up the other day in a motorway services,got my coffee etc and got back to my vehicle and was surprised to see another surf parked next to it and a chap peering through my windows.He was asking me where i got the vehicle,and made a remark on how rare the leather interior was!Infact...
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  • BillaBob
    started a topic Rear window switch!Please!

    Rear window switch!Please!

    Hi Everybody,Can anybody please help me with a rear window switch?I did buy two of ebay and they are both duff!I shouldnt have bought them they had obviously had good use as all the legends had worn out,so if anybody has a real good one with bright clear legends,i have the cash waiting.....Thanks
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