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Rear window dilemma...

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  • Rear window dilemma...

    This is my first post, I know itís not the done thing to just join and ask questions, but Iím properly stuck on this one, even after reading everything I can find here, so Iím hoping I can be forgiven..

    Anyway, the rear window on my surf has stopped working, well more to the point it hasnít, it just wonít

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    get inside the boot, remove the panel from the tailgate and underneath is a metal inspection panel remove that and you can get to the motor etc.
    What ever you do, do not drop the tailgate with the window not fully wound down unless its fully supported!!!
    If it is the motor, most from a corolla, celica or
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      Thanks, having looked today the issue is the teeth are work on the mechanism, the motor is fine.

      Im assuming I can remove the motor and push the window down manually which would allow me to remove and replace the mechanism.


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        Mechanism replaced, pretty easy job, strange thing is now the front switch only puts the window down not back up. Have I missed something or have I just been unlucky and have the switch go at the same time?


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          Can you not put rear window up with the key in rear door ?

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            Yeah the key works fine, so did the switch before I replaced the mechanism. I think itís unlikely that the switch has failed so Iím wondering if thereís a wire/conection in the tailgate Iíve missed when putting it all back together. Itís been patched up before so I have my suspicion, just wanted to check