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  • No stress...just wondering how mine are coming on?


    • Have you not received them yet mate . They were posted out a few weeks ago with a few other people's stickers . If not ill get cutting some more and post out asap
      PayPal for stickers : scuffsnscrapes@hotmail.com


      • No

        Not that I was stressed. More concerned on the quietness.

        Glad you're ok.

        Did you take the correct address? Not sure I even gave you it after I paid. Can't see

        Also...did you find the air filter bucket you mentioned?


        • Can you PM me the address you sent them to, please?


          • Exactly 2 months on and nothing but 2 messages.

            Me thinks it's time for a refund.

            I only went with you because, being a sticky, I thought it was part of the forum vibe. But I need these as they're safety things for my kids and for 8 I could have got some next day (2 months back).

            Reckon I've been super patient. Hope you agree.

            I know it's only 8...but it's I've got nothing to show for it.


            • sorry dude ive been quite ill lately so not been on internet much ,
              they were posted as i said in a pm , im on it today to get it resolved for you mate now im back in the land of the living .
              i havnt logged onto this forum for weeks .
              sorry dude ill get some extras for free in the post too as its not your fault
              PayPal for stickers : scuffsnscrapes@hotmail.com


              • ive just recut another lot mate and ill be posting by recorded delivery tomorrow morning
                hopefully youll get this lot
                PayPal for stickers : scuffsnscrapes@hotmail.com


                • Thanks...I will let you know when they land.

                  And get well soon.


                  • Stickers finally arrived today.

                    Over 2 months later!

                    They're in a different font to what I sent and look shit. There was a reason I sent in the heavy, bold font...so they could be read on the road! Plus it looked balanced and even.

                    The neat line around the edge has been replaced with a wonky uneven mess. There's zero care been taken.

                    I'll get banned because you're a forum buddy...but what a joke. I send you a neat design and you send me what you feel will pass.

                    Congratulations...you managed to get a simple sticker wrong.


                    • Wtf
                      Seriously , the way you sent it through to me didn't work as a vector file , you didn't even tell me what font you wanted or used .
                      I did the best I could with what you sent me and even sent you a load of freebies as the first ones I sent obviously didnt get to youso the second lot I sent recorded.
                      You can have your 8 and stick it where the sun don't shine if you want to take this sort of attitude.... Forum buddies ... Wtf you on about I'm just a regular member like you but I've been on here years ....
                      PayPal for stickers : scuffsnscrapes@hotmail.com


                      • 2 months to deliver and you're playing the hard done by?

                        Are you taking the ####? And you call yourself animal like you're a tough nut but you're clearly of a delicate nature

                        I've been a designer for near 15 years and I know print management like the back of my hand. So don't try and BS the "file didn't work as a vector".

                        When I send something to a printer...it comes back IDENTICAL. Without this the print industry would fail. If you're marketing yourself as a pro then you need to man up.

                        Did you cut these with a blindfold?

                        "WTF?" Seriously? You expected me to just except something you'd had a go at? And not speak up? You must live in a cotton wool bubble if you're that naive.

                        A PDF didn't work? Really? Industry standard file format? And you didn't think to tell me? IN THE 2 MONTHS+. And the font used was a standard font. It should be on your computer.

                        Now...regardless of anything you said....this quality is shit and looks nothing like what I sent. Does it? You didn't look at this and go "hmm, that's not too good"? Even without something to compare...the corners are nursery shite.

                        So wind your neck in and stop acting like the hard done by. You've got a sticky thread on the forum for this "service". You took payment for something and delivered something else. Over 2 months later.

                        And the extras aren't worth jack. Why did you even send them? And act like I need to be grateful? Really? I need to be grateful for this tat? Why would I want that anywhere near my truck?

                        Are you for real?

                        ANIMAL! Grrr!

                        Last edited by Sylux; 17 June 2013, 17:12. Reason: Tweaked the image text! What a joker.


                        • Can't believe you're playing the hard done by

                          This is so bad it's funny.


                          • Oh...and don't send the money back. Please.

                            I'll get 8 worth of laughs out of this thread, now


                            • Lol seriously .
                              You have issues.
                              Try reading the start of the vinyl thread where I've never claimed to be running a vinyl business and it says I bought the vinyl cutter off another member and if anyone wants anything doing I'll see what I can do .
                              I'm having more laughs than you right now at how worked up your getting .
                              Carry on .....
                              PayPal for stickers : scuffsnscrapes@hotmail.com


                              • I have issues? For complaining at your #### poor service, attitude and the way you treat people who pay you (but happen to be far far away)?

                                You do realise typing is easy and takes no massive effort? So to make out I'm worked up is a bit daft...is it not? Mr "stick it where the sun don't shine"

                                I'm just shocked you think that passes as acceptable. Even if you're not making a business of it...you took a payment or it.

                                Jesus. Such a delicate man who can't take deserved criticism.