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kzn130 3.0 running on starter

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  • kzn130 3.0 running on starter

    Hi all, thanks for accepting me on this forum.

    I'm having a starting problem with my kzn130 1kzte surf. I can turn it over and it will run on the starter, but will send out massive plumes of black/brown smoke. It will rev higher and higher when the starter is kept on which leads me to think it is over fueling. It dies when the starter is turned off (ie key turns to ON position).

    I have put in a replacement ECU and it didn't help. It is running low on diesel on the gauge but my thoughts are that getting diesel to the motor isn't the issue.

    Any help or advice would be appreciate. Cheers

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    Simple fix. Change the filter head. Go to a scrappy .i pulled one off a big nissan cost 10.