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  • Needed badly

    Knackered by rear Diff in my 1996 KZN185 3rd Gen Surf. Need a Crown Wheel and Pinion. Car is in the repair garage! Transmission Mechanic said I need a 4:1 ratio pinion 10 teeth, Crown wheel 41 teeth. Looking high and low. Got a quote from Toyota but 800 + VAT seems a wee bit pricey for what it is seeing as I paid 2000 for the whole car itself. Does anyone have one or can source one? Or will I just need another axle! Love my Surf, don't want to have to scrap it!
    Surf's up dude!

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    Try Amayama, usually way cheaper than your friendly Toyota dealer. Cheers


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      Just seen one or two of these on Facebook Marketplace at reasonable prices. Can’t remember where and hopefully you’ve sorted it by now but figured I’d mention it. That ratio should be axle code A02A by the way.