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Drivers side doors, rust free, for sale (gen 2)

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  • Drivers side doors, rust free, for sale (gen 2)

    *RUST FREE* drivers side doors for sale!!!

    As I know many of you know, rust free drivers side door as rare as rocking horse poop.

    I have front and rear driver side doors for sale

    Condition - These doors are in very good condition. No rust on the outside. There is a tiny bit of surface rust on the inside at the bottom, which can be removed very easily.

    History - They are on a gen 2 4runner which I've bought for parts to restore my gen 1. I'm selling everything I don't need (and as much of it as possible) before I hand the rest over to Tony Nicholls to fit into my gen 1. The previous owner had rusty drivers side doors so bought these from a surf (hence why the colour doesn't match in the photo).

    A great find for someone who needs drivers side doors. I know personally I had a huge amount of trouble finding rust free doors for my first gen 2, so grab them whilst you can!

    What you get / don't get - The doors! Excludes window glass, handles and interior trim.

    Location - Derby

    Price - 195 cash. Delivery can be arranged at your own cost (this is about what I paid last time I bought doors and a bargain considering how hard they are to find in this condition)

    FYI - I also have passenger side doors in rust free condition. One of them is original (light blue colour) and other is dark blue like the right side ones.

    Contact - Rob, 07733558883 or or on FB here
    Rob Watson (forum owner and admin)

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    Hi, interested in your drivers side rear door if still available - Nick


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      Are these still available?


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        Sorry, they've been sold to James Wallace on here
        Rob Watson (forum owner and admin)