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  • johnbkeith
    started a topic Speedo comes and goes!

    Speedo comes and goes!

    Hi. My speedo is regularly dead when starting a journey, but picks up suddenly after a few miles. We need a help on exactly where the trouble might be and how to fix it. Any suggestions (legal and decent only) would be helpful.
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  • MadKiwi
    started a topic KZN130 instrument cluster

    KZN130 instrument cluster

    Speedo started cutting out a while back and has now failed entirely. Local auto electrician has traced the fault back to the speedo itself (sender unit and wiring loom proven good), so will need to replace the speedo itself.

    Will be a lot more practical just to swap out the whole instrument...
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  • traxegg
    started a topic Wanted speedo sensor kzn130 / ln130

    Wanted speedo sensor kzn130 / ln130

    I am looking for a speedosensor (the one behind the dashboard) for a Surf 3,0lt TD 1993 - KZN 130 ( or 2,4lt TD - LN 130) Automatic Transmission.
    Anyone got a spare one for sale ?
    Thank you
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  • scubaman
    started a topic Help Urgent

    Help Urgent

    My, 93 2.4 Surf (LN120) has just lost it's speedo and odometer, the Overdrive Light has also started to flash. What can I do to fix this and is it still Ok to drive. Please can some one help
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